The Human Form was founded by Stephen Ladd in 1995, as a merging of his passions for health and fitness, personal development, philosophy and psychology.  He met his “much-better-half”, Michelle, while they were both training and coaching clients within a hospital-based wellness facility.  With their many shared passions for holistic health (and each other) they took the plunge; not only getting married, but also embarking together on the entrepreneurial journey, opening their first holistic fitness studio in 2004.

For almost two decades, they’ve practiced on the “geeky” side of fitness – prescribing individualized exercise and lifestyle programs for each client to assist them in regaining their vitality, lose weight, ease their aches and pains, and achieve their own personal fitness goals; from professional sports to wrestling with grandchildren.  After coaching hundreds of clients to look, feel and move better than ever, Stephen and Michelle committed themselves to finding a way to “spread the love” to even more people in the community.

After several years of research, help from industry and medical experts, and some trial and error, they created a unique holistic, results-based, semi-private training model – a program that provides the energy and camaraderie of a group-training experience, while maintaining the individualization and integrity of their detailed one-on-one coaching.

The Human Form team is thrilled to provide a new kind of health and fitness environment and culture that is completely unlike the big, impersonal clubs.  A place where the overriding message is that exercising hard to achieve the health, fitness, and vitality that is every person’s birthright can also be a lot of FUN!  They look forward to continuing to service the Columbus community and engaging with new residents that seek out their expertise.  The best place to learn more about Human Form Fitness is to start with our Mission Statement, Philosophy and Core Values.

Mission Statement

We don’t just change the scale… We Change Lives

The Human Form exists for one reason – To provide a safe environment for our members to challenge themselves and attain the level of Health, Wellness and Vitality that is their birthright. Our coaches are passionate, committed, and will engage with members on all levels to assist them on their journey.

Core Values

  • Bring Your Best Everyday
  • Build A Positive Team and Family Environment
  • Be Confident, Yet Humble
  • Pursue Continual Learning and Growth
  • Embrace and Drive Positive Change
  • If It Isn’t Fun, It Doesn’t Get Done… Make It FUN!
  • Passion is Contagious… Pay It Forward
  • Build Strong Relationships Through Honesty and Transparency
  • Treat People With Respect, Compassion and Kindness
  • Lead By Example

Training Philosophy

  • Everyone is an athlete, and will be safely trained for the sport of life, utilizing appropriate exercises and intensities to match current fitness levels and other life factors.
  • Every Human Form member is treated with respect, regardless of level of conditioning or other challenges, and it is an honor to assist them on their health and wellness journey.
  • We utilize holistic, functional training philosophies that have a high carry-over to life and sport.
  • Proper range of motion and balanced strength are the keys to vitality between the ages of 40-100.
  • Nobody can out-train a poor nutritional plan.  If weight loss is a goal, 80% or more of your results will be from dietary adjustments.
  • We promote a sensible, balanced nutrition strategy consisting of whole foods with minimal processing, and combining proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates with each meal or snack.
  • The biggest drinking problem in our country is DEHYDRATION. No matter what your goals, drink at least 50% of your bodyweight in ounces of clean water daily.
  • “Cardio” training is only successful with appropriate intensity and progressions.
  • Achieving optimal health must always be the primary goal.  All other goals, including weight loss, will follow as a natural result.  Unhealthy paths to weight loss will ALWAYS backfire.
  • Health and Fitness is a journey that must be time-efficient and fun.


The Human Form Team is made up of a small number of highly-qualified coaches who have completed The Human Form Internship and Training Programs, attained numerous other credentials in multiple fields, and demonstrated the high level of passion and commitment that our members deserve.  They’re also a fun group that take their work seriously, but not themselves (see Core Value #6)

The HFF Team

The HFF Coaches

Stephen Ladd – Owner/Coach

  • CHEK Corrective Exercise Kinesiologist Level 2
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Trainer Level 3
  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified Junior Golf Fitness Coach Level 2
  • CHEK Holistic Golf Performance Coach
  • Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnosis Coach




Michelle Ladd – Owner/Coach

  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2
  • Exercise Physiologist – BS Ohio Wesleyan University
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist
  • Metabolic Typing Advisor Advanced Level 2
  • Certified Hypnosis Coach






James Fryer – Coach/Studio Manager

James solo

  • BA Otterbein College, Fitness & Health Promotions
  • American College of Sports Medicine Certified Trainer
  • USAW Sports Coach (Olympic Lifting)
  • Graduate of The HFF Internship Program


James played college varsity baseball, and has now focused his attention and passion on training athletes with a holistic approach. Just to be clear, “everyone is an athlete”! He also believes in giving back to the community, and has worked with young children as a camp counselor. In that role, he is able to positively affect our future generations by empowering kids with a sense of self-worth and respect for others and their environment.

Ryan Pozar – Coach

Ryan Solo

  • Graduate of The National Personal Training Institute (600 hour program)
  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Fitness Instructor
  • Former U.S. Navy Physical Fitness Coordinator Assistant
  • Graduate of The HFF Internship Program


Ryan has been “a fitness geek” for most of his life (self-described).   His own challenges, and success overcoming, several past health issues has molded him as an empathic and compassionate coach.  In addition to his passion for all things related to health and fitness, Ryan has served in the military and as a federal civilian where his missions took him to Europe and the Middle East. These experiences has given him a unique and diverse perspective of the world, better allowing him to relate and effectively communicate with a wide spectrum of clientele.

Jesse Francis – CoachJesse solo

  • Graduate of The National Personal Training Institute (600 hour program)
  • Graduate of The HFF Internship Program


Jesse believes that physical health is a vital component of our individual pursuit towards well-being, and therefore an integral part of ultimate self-fulfillment.  He was not an athlete as a youth, but walked on the Track and Field team as a freshman in college, showing great promise as a sprinter.  Unfortunately, he suffered a set-back when his lung collapsed near the end of the season.  The doctors recommended very little physical activity, more or less… for his entire life.  Jesse became bored and  felt unhealthy, and began questioning this advice.  Through many years of education and effort, he has regained his health and vitality, and made it his mission to assist as many people as possible to do the same.




Matt Longfellow – Coach

  • Exercise Physiologist, BS Ohio State University
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Ohio State University, Graduate May 2015
  • American Academy of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified
  • Graduate of The HFF Internship Program

Matt played basketball and football in high school and then realized he was more interested in the strength and conditioning side of things than actually playing the sports Over the years, he realized there’s a lot more to fitness than just lifting big weights – people need to move well, they need to move more, they need to eat well, and they need to take responsibility for their own health. His passionate goal is to help people get stronger while moving better and staying injury free, and to empower people to be able to take more responsibility for their own health through sensible training and nutritional strategies.


Jenny Kuzmic – Coach

  • Exercise Science, BS Ohio State University
  • ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • Graduate of The HFF Internship Program

As a child, Jenny played every sport she could; soccer, tennis, basketball, softball… you name it, she probably tried it. She has always been drawn towards sports and physical activity which lead her to the Exercise Science program at OSU.  She enjoys teaching and coaching through exercise and nutrition, but loves learning from the people she meets along the way just as much.