Have you been considering meditation?

You’ve read the articles about how meditation changes your brain: that you can decrease stress, increase productivity and feel better being you. Now you’re wondering where to start.

Or, maybe you’ve tried meditation, and you think you can’t.

Perhaps you’ve had a practice for years, but feel you’d benefit from a fresh perspective.

Or, you used to meditate, and now you’re wanting to start back up.

There’s no need to look any further.

Stephanie Estice, meditation teacher and mentor ( , is bringing her particular set of skills and teaching to The Human Form. In the ’90s, Stephanie found access to meditative states through her yoga classes, especially during yogic breathing exercises and savasana, the relaxation pose at the end of yoga classes. She reached a point where she knew she needed a daily meditation practice.

Stephanie tried many types of meditation over the years and has trained in many styles. Her classes incorporate guidance, but not visualization, because ultimately she is holding a space for you to connect with a better understanding of your being. Stephanie also works in private sessions where a discussion can lead to much deeper personal understanding of your practice and how it impacts the rest of your life. Many who have trained with Stephanie on a regular basis have said that her guidance has supported them to a fulfilling personal practice which has revealed much more than they expected.

Classes: Our weekly small-group meditation classes are designed to meet your seated meditation needs. However, you will not need to sit on the floor or in a special position – there are multiple seating options, including comfortable chairs and supported floor seating.

Each class will have a few minutes of silent meditation, some discussion about a topic related to meditation and/or answers to your meditation questions, a 15 to 20 minute guided meditation, and a possible bonus practice – breathwork or a restorative pose. The guided meditation will be recorded during class; it is available to those who would like a copy. These classes are intended to serve any meditation practitioner, from beginner to advanced.

Privates: In a private session, there will be more focused discussion of meditation topics and how they apply in your personal practice, including what has shown up in your life in-between sessions. Expect the first half of the session to be discussion, ending with around 20 minutes of guided meditation. You will receive a recording of the meditation, and you will be expected to practice with the recording in-between sessions, as well as to spend time practicing with no recording.

Contact: You can find out more by visiting her website: CLICK HERE

All classes and privates will meet in the new Human Form private practitioner rooms on Chesapeake Avenue. Please enter at the 1195 Chesapeake Avenue door (just to the right of the mailbox). No special attire is required, but consider wearing comfortable clothes – ones that allow you to breathe with ease.