“I No Longer Assume I Can’t Do Something”

To say that The Human Form has made a difference in my life over this past year is, to put it mildly, an understatement. I came into our initial arrangement with enthusiasm, but it was enveloped in a heavy coating of well-earned skepticism.

I had soooo much weight to lose. Plus, I was saddled with a miserable, decades-long track record of injury and failure – and the meanest, most debilitating voice in my head.

But there was something you said that resonated so deeply with me: Just show up and we’ll do the rest. The simplicity of that must have triggered something. I could forget how far I had to go. I could even forget what I needed to struggle through during that next hour (stinkin’ split squats). Just drive there and walk in the door.

Hell, even I can do that.

I’ve mentioned in class some of the difference being a Human Form has made for me. The physical changes, like the weight loss, and the strength to accomplish more in daily life, like hoisting giant bags of dog food. Oh, and the not being in constant pain is pretty nice, too.

But the thing that has been the most profound, I think, is the improvement you can’t see. I have confidence in my ability to attempt and master new things. I no longer automatically assume I can’t do something. And that voice in my head? Well, I’m doing a much better job of telling her to sit-down-shut-up.

Thank you really isn’t enough, but it’s all I have. And it’s sincere. So thank you.

Mandy Miller
Columbus, OH

“It’s A No-Brainer; Everyone Should Experience This Place”

“The Human Form Fitness Team has been instrumental in vastly improving the quality of my life.  Over the past year I have dropped 19 pounds of body fat, added lean muscle and strength, improved all of my blood panel numbers, and have more energy and overall vitality than I’ve experienced in 20 years.  This is NOT your typical gym.  Their expertise and precision with assessments, designing workouts and nutrition & lifestyle coaching is truly holistic and the best approach I’ve ever seen.  The culture there is supportive and welcoming to everyone. It feels like one big family that is pulling for you to live your best life possible.  It’s a no-brainer; everyone should experience this place!”

Brad Koffel
Upper Arlington, OH

“What I Found Wasn’t a Gym; It Was a Community”

“I came to The Human Form completely broken, inside and out, and they saved me.

Physically, I have a rare birth condition that makes everyday tasks difficult and causes chronic pain throughout my body. Emotionally, I’ve battled anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and self-image issues since I was a little boy… I was the chubby gay kid who found every way out of gym class. I started yo-yo dieting in 6th grade. And I became obsessed with counting points, calories, and fat grams at an age that would make any parent cringe (including my own).

So when I stepped inside The Human Form in February 2015, it wasn’t to get a beach body or to lose a quick twenty pounds; I was on a fight to save my life.

In the beginning, I could barely get up and down from the floor without screaming in pain. My progress was achingly slow, but then about three months in, something happened: I started moving faster, easier, and with less pain. From that point on, good things started to snowball for me.

What I found on Chesapeake Avenue wasn’t a gym; it was a community. I met the best physical therapist who gives me additional support for my chronic pain. I met my functional medicine doctor who helped correct a myriad of vitamin and hormone deficiencies and helped fix a years-long gut issue. I met Stephen and Michelle, who offered me kindness, support, and nutrition coaching. And I met James (Jimmy). He’s not just my trainer… Jimmy is one of the smartest people I know, and he cares about me more than I can describe in this little paragraph. He’s helped me navigate through all the pain—both physical and emotional.

In a little over two years, I’ve lost 70 pounds and two pants sizes. But for me, it isn’t about what I’ve lost; it’s about what I’ve gained. I’ve gained the confidence to eat real food and to not be hungry. I’ve gained the ability to look myself head-on in the mirror for the first time in my life. I’ve gained the confidence to stop counting anything. I’ve gained ridiculous amounts of strength in muscles I never knew I had. I’ve gained back control of my mental health. And most of all—I’ve gained back my life.

I still have a long way to go in my journey to good health, but I sure am glad I have my friends at The Human Form to be there with me.”

Bryant Miller
Columbus, OH

“HF Fosters A Sense Of Community And Belonging”

“It came down to one decision.  Do I open the door with the Human Form logo prominently displayed at eye level or do I walk back to my car and drive home?

Spoiler alert: I opened the door.

I’ve been doing yoga since my early twenties and my bike was my mode of transportation and form of recreation for the same length of time.  So I considered myself in pretty good shape, but I wasn’t exactly happy with life or my physical abilities.  I joined HFF to get stronger and to change my body composition.

Some people might join a gym and then comment on the inches gained or lost, improved posture, or the number of squats they can do in 20 seconds; while I have seen inches go and my has posture improved, I think the most significant changes for me haven’t been physical.

Since joining HF in August and making the commitment to working out three days a week, my depression has become much more manageable.  So much so that I decided to use exercise, diet, self-care, talk therapy and a light box to help manage the lows and (with the approval of my therapist) I am no longer reliant on antidepressants.

Furthermore, I feel like the environment at HF fosters a sense of community and belonging. The knowledgeable and personable coaches keep me wanting to come back and the members are friendly, funny, and welcoming.  I even met one of my close friends here (Hey, Chicken!)

But beyond this gym family, HF and functional strength training have given me a tremendous feeling of confidence that creeps into all aspects of my life and has helped me cope with work, life, and even the aforementioned depression.

So if you’re looking for motivation it comes down to one decision.  Are you going to open the HFF door and choose this adventure?”

Maria Vianello
Columbus, OH

“Not Only Do I Look And Feel Better… I Think Differently”

“To say that Human Form Fitness has changed me is an understatement.  Not only do I look and feel better… I also THINK differently.

My body composition, shape, and fitness level have improved and my pain has decreased, but I also have a new attitude about exercise, nutrition, and myself.  I really, truly love working out and I have a positive body image for the first time in years. I never thought I’d be that person. I honestly didn’t expect to reach the achievements I have, let alone reach them in 5 months.

The team at HF has made it surprisingly easy. They truly customize every workout for every participant, giving individual attention as needed. Their level of knowledge and expertise, their support, and the positive atmosphere they cultivate in their studio has enabled me to change in an effective, sustainable way.

Becoming a member at HF is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Kim Murphy
Columbus, OH

“HF is For People Who Never Enjoyed Working Out.”

How long have you been a HF member?

I joined in November 2016. Seriously one of the best decisions I have made for my well-being.

Help us get to know you – tell us a little about yourself!

I have lived in Columbus for 30 years. I grew up, in Cleveland, from a family where intellect was more valued then working out. My brother is the only person who has worked forEVER in my immediate family – it wasn’t a thing. I have made my home, in Clintonville, with my husband, Jay, for 16 years along with our super chilled out greyhound, Sara.  My life is totally rich. I have awesome friends, meaningful work, and volunteer projects, as well as, the opportunity to travel exploring interesting places.

Why did you join The Human Form?

I work in elder and end of life care. My deepest desire is: being the strongest and most stable 80-year-old on the planet. Folks who worked out all their life, in my place of business, enjoy a very good quality of life in mind, body, and spirit.

What has changed since you started with us?

A lot! I started out simply wanting to do the very basics of working out, and THEN results starting happening to my body, like I have muscles in my core; my arms are no longer flapping in the wind and I’m stable as well as strong. Now, it’s all about challenging myself, in big and little ways because it is FUN. 

Why should others join the party?

HFis for people who never enjoyed working out like me. This is place where you will get individual instruction, encouragement, and results, if you are willing to put in the time and be patient.

What is the single most valuable things you have gained by being a member of The Human Form community?

Working out is fun! Working out in a supportive community is valuable because it encourages me to show up. As Jeff says, “Lori, you are stronger then you think.” This little mantra has trickled into all areas of my life, which is invaluable.

Lori Moffett
Columbus, OH

“From The Moment I Arrived At HF, I Had Hope”

This past year has been a journey of transformation and The Human Form has been with me all along the way. From the moment I arrived at HF, I had hope. Hope that I could feel healthy and happy again.

My workouts became the foundation that kept me going when I ended a 13-year marriage. They grounded me in a semblance of routine, provided an outlet for stress relief, and kept nutritious food choices at the top of my mind. They made me feel powerful and strong because they were designed for my fitness level; I never felt like I couldn’t do something.

Stephen, Michelle, and all the coaches took the time to get to know me and kept a close eye on supporting my progress. Now every time I do a new exercise, one that I never thought I’d be doing, I think back to my first few weeks at the gym and how far I’ve come. I just keep showing up and doing what they tell me (but I’m always trying to get out of doing the bike) and I’ve created amazing results.

Over the past year, I’ve lost 26 pounds of body fat (down 7.5%!), gained near-perfect posture, and greatly reduced back pain. I’m so grateful that I found The Human Form.

Michell Domke
Columbus, OH

“Makes Coming To The Gym More Enjoyable”

“I’ve been at The Human Form for just over three months and the difference it has made in my life has been incredible! I feel better, have more energy, fit into clothes that I haven’t in years and I’ve gained so much confidence and a better respect for my body.

Additionally, I’ve lost 15 pounds of fat and gained 6 pounds of muscle.

I wish I could pinpoint the one thing that makes this place works so well, but it’s a combination of factors. The coaches are so supportive and helpful in pushing me toward my goals and helping me prevent injury. They know just how far to challenge me. The community of people that work out here makes coming to the gym more enjoyable than I’ve ever experienced anywhere. Each of us comes with our own abilities, strengths and challenges – somehow, the coaches are able to work with all of that even when we are mixed together in either small groups or the weekend circuit training. It’s so fantastic!

I’m so grateful to have been introduced to The Human Form and I look forward to making even bigger strides towards better health!”

Scott Elder
Columbus, OH

“Feared My Career Might Be Ruined”

When I first consulted with with The Human Form, my neck pain and low back pain were chronic, getting worse, and limiting my ability to work and play. Additionally, my concern was these issues would shorten or even ruin my career as a surgeon.

After working with their corrective exercise program, at this point, for the first time in over a decade I have NO neck or back pain. I feel no limitations in my physical activities, and I don’t have a fear that my career will be ruined. The most impressive part is the individual nature of their program design. Instead of the “cookie-cutter” approach to wellness, the appropriate information was gathered to understand the nature of my problem, the realities of my life, and only then did they developed the individual plan that would work for me.

Mark Galantowicz, M.D.
Columbus, OH

“It Has Changed My Life”

“Exercise? Me? Never!! Oh a few trips to the YWCA riding a cycle for 30 minutes, bored out of my mind. Then my friend Mandy Miller told me about Human Form and how it had changed her life – she lost weight, gained strength and found a new lifestyle.

Huh? Me? My birth certificate says I’m 76 (and a half!) even though my head tells me I’m 30! My body was also that of an elder! It’s too late for me, I’m too old.

“Give it a try!” said Mandy.

So I did.

Well, it has changed my life. The biggest change came after around 4 months when I realized my blood sugar was getting too low. I’d been on insulin for about 10 years. Doc said lower the dose – well I lowered it so much that I no longer take it! Doc says I’m still diabetic but my fat which stores insulin has decreased and I’ve added muscle which improves my sugar – Yeah!!

And I’m addicted to exercise at Human Form. Why? I think the biggest reason is the personal approach taken by the wonderful staff. My knee hurts? Well, kneel on a cushion. Back hurts with squats, try it this way. Shoulder not working, well let’s do this. They know all my aches and pains and they make it possible for me to do the exercises that have changed my life physically and mentally.

I’ve been going for almost 9 months and have only missed classes when I was out of the country. Sure, there are mornings that I wake up and think I don’t want to go to class. But I do. And am always so glad that I did!

Another benefit is the introduction to healthy eating through the Whole 30 program. My attitude toward food has totally changed and it’s amazing how much I don’t miss the foods I thought I could never give up – like bagels! I’ve lost 15 pounds since I started Human Form and my new attitude toward food is something I would never have believed I could attain. Cholesterol, triglycerides, A1C and more – all within normal range. My Doc is as amazed as I am!

I tell all my friends that you’re never too old to get rid of bad habits and develop good ones. And thanks to Human Form, that’s exactly what’s happened to me!!”

Marian Harris
Columbus, OH

“HF Is Nothing Short Of Magical”

For many, many years I fought with all my might to NOT join a “Gym”. I was a runner and that is all I thought I needed to take care of my body.  Also, there was NO way that I was going to go to a “Big Box” Gym and try to figure out what I was doing all on my own.  As the years caught up with me, I found my body falling apart from focusing on one activity.

I think it was a Tuesday morning when at 45, I did my morning “Crawl” out of bed with aches and pains throughout my entire body that I finally picked up the phone and told Stephen I wanted to change my life.

It took less than 5 minutes with Stephen for me to realize that HF was the place where I wanted to change my attitude, my reluctance for new experiences and the way I felt about my body. I am fairly confident that I peppered him with no less than 100 questions during our initial assessment. He was probably thinking “What did I get myself into!?”   The answers he gave me actually made sense!  I was IMMEDIATELY hooked.  I wanted to go… full speed ahead.

I remember going through the results of my initial analysis with Stephen and quickly realized that this was going to be a journey and not a sprint.  We discussed my goals and set up a plan that would be challenging for me, yet structured in a way where I wouldn’t kill myself in the process.

I’ll never forget looking at the progress I made in just the first 12 weeks.  I had transformed my entire body. My flexibility, my posture, my body fat, my energy levels; ALL of them had changed dramatically.

HF – The facilities, the people, the other members, the culture; all of these are second to none.  I wish everyone had the ability to just give it a try. I am so incredibly impressed with what Michelle, Stephen, James, and the gang have created…’s nothing short of magical.

Jamie Baird
Columbus, OH

“Truly A Community Of Friends Supporting Each Other”

I have been a member of The Human Form for almost 1.5 yrs. In the past, I had participated in boxing, boot camp style classes and weightlifting. I considered the form I had been taught pretty good. Then I fell down the stairs in my house and fractured my right scapula. I did not exercise for 4 months. When it was time to return, I knew I was going to need help with my shoulder to get back to where I was.

My friend, Scott Elder, kept posting about a gym called HF and it sure made a difference for him. I talked to Scott, did some research and decided to check it out. Stephen did my very thorough assessment and set me on my journey.

All I can say is this is the best gym I have worked out in. The coaches really get to know you and are interested in you and your goals. My shoulder improved in no time. I also learned no other gyms I had been to before know exercise form as well as the coaches at HF. The other thing I noticed right away is that HF is truly a community of friends supporting each other. One of the best parts of my days is my class at HF.

Thank you to Stephen, Michelle, and all the coaches!

Diana Donati
Columbus, OH

“We Support And Encourage Each Other”

The journey that led me to the Human Form began in 2016. On March 17, 2016, I was diagnosed with stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma as a result of breaking my arm. Over the next several months I went through Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments. The treatments took a toll on my body.

Nearing the end of treatment I noticed a friend, Scott Elder was always checking into the Human Form. I reached out to him and inquired about the gym. Scott shared his progress on Facebook. He encouraged me to contact the owners Stephen and Michelle.

In October of 2016, I met with Stephen. He took the time to go through my medical background, assess my overall strength, and discuss my goals. I purchased a 14-day trial membership and started my new path to mental and physical improvement.

Immediately, I noticed the genuine culture at the Human Form. Everyone from the owners to coaches and members encouraged and supported me. I felt like a person instead of a number at a regular gym.

The coaches would model the exercise and challenge me at the appropriate level. They also differentiate the exercise as needed for each member. I felt at home at the Human Form and moved from a trial member to a full member. It was one of the best decisions.

Since being a member I’ve made many gains in my physical and mental well-being. I added lean muscle and improved my strength in my broken arm. I also developed friendships with fellow members beyond the gym. We support and encourage each other. Each day I go to class the coaches challenge me more and more.

After attending the Cancer Wellness program at Riverside Hospital, I learned the importance of incorporating a balance of good eating habits and exercise for reducing the risks of cancer. The Human Form embodies this belief. They have helped me become a stronger person physically and emotionally. It is never too late to begin a healthy journey. The Human Form will help you map out a path.

Steve Rozeski
Columbus, OH

“It’s More Than A Gym, It’s An HF Family!”

“Human Form is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I had never really exercised well or consistently. I’d gone through short periods of time in my life when I tried running, cycling, or swimming tried yoga and other classes, but never stuck with anything.

About a year ago, I read a Facebook post by a friend about her experiences at HF. I ran into her a few days later and she looked fantastic! She told me about HFF, that it was more than a gym, that all the trainers were dedicated to helping each person learn individually to meet their goals, including diet and nutrition. I am so glad I listened to her!

Walking in the door the first time was hard, but coming back and staying were easy. Our workouts are in small groups, individually tailored, never boring, and always new. Not once have I felt self-conscious or that I don’t fit in. At the time I started here I was struggling with some very painful stuff in my life. I worried about the future for me and my two teenagers. I wanted to feel better about myself, feel more confident about my life, and especially work on my posture, which I felt was getting worse and worse with my feeling of so much weight on my shoulders.

Now, my posture has dramatically improved, I feel so much better about myself, and I’ve made changes in my lifestyle and diet that I really never thought I’d achieve. I feel that every single trainer here is truly invested in me and my goals, and in each one of us.  It’s more than a gym, it’s an HF family! Once you walk through the door, you’ll see why you’ll want to join us, too!”

Anne O’Connell
Columbus, Ohio

“Immediate Sense Of Kindness & Safety”

“I’ll be honest; I didn’t have a clue what I was doing when I walked into The Human Form on my first day. My previous experience with working out involved two primary steps: (1) pay the monthly fee for a big box gym and (2) never going. I wasn’t sure how to use the equipment, but more than that I wasn’t sure of myself. I didn’t have the experience and confidence to get the most from working out at these types of facilities.

Walking through the doors at The Human Form, there was an immediate sense of kindness and safety that allowed me to gain confidence. And here we are, over two years later. During that time, I have increased my range of motion and strength; but, most importantly, my overall wellness has vastly improved.

Participation in group-centered wellness programs, like Whole30, has highlighted the significance of eating well consistently along with working out regularly. I look forward to challenging myself further with the help of this amazing group!”

Mandy Howenstine
Columbus, OH

“My Workout Experience Was Transformed”

When I joined Human Form Fitness, my workout experience was transformed. In the past, I had gym memberships but went infrequently, and never knew how to make the most of my time there. Going to the gym was more of a chore than anything and as such, it was not a priority for me.

I needed something different, something motivating, something challenging. HF has given me everything I was looking for and more. I didn’t just get a new gym; I got support, an embracing community, and a new lifestyle. Since joining, I have gotten so much more out of my workouts, and have learned that I can push myself harder than I knew. I have not had one day that I have been bored with a workout, and I am constantly being challenged to get stronger.

I consider myself lucky to have the HF team as a part of my life, and with their support, I know I will only continue down the path of healthy living.

Ashley Pond
Columbus, OH

“The Best I’ve Ever Experienced”

“I’m 57 year old ARMY Veteran who has exercised most of my adult life. My one flaw with workouts is that I burned myself out and would just quit for periods of time ranging from one week to over a year. HF has changed all that. Their unique approach to fitness, well-being and well living is the best I’ve ever experienced. I’m motivated by seeing results and just feel better without the pains and aches of an old-style workout. Trust me, their fitness approach will give you a hell of a strength and cardio workout and that’s all you’ll need, in my opinion. Kudos to all of the HF coaches for what you do so well.”

Gabriel Coss
Grandview, OH

“The Acceptance is Heart-Warming, and the Enthusiasm is Contagious”

“Thank you to the HF staff for this chance to share my gratitude. First, an HF High Five to Michelle and Jeff for their encouragement and unfailing support in getting me to buy my first gym membership as I turned 59 six months ago. The instruction and diligent supervision has kept me making progress without injury. The guidance in developing the form that keeps me safe as I raise my goals has built my confidence and helped me find my “glutes”, “hammies”, and some other muscles I didn’t know I had. I feel lucky to have found a place where professionalism, energy, and light-hearted humor are the foundation for every workout…and some classic rock, of course.
When I hobbled in last November after a challenging hike with my children, I just wanted to keep walking for the next ten years. I watched in awe as people in my group pulled and pushed weights their size while moving themselves through each set with beautiful alignment. Most lovely to me was that everyone I met offered me assistance and a friendly smile. No judgment, just everyone working their own plan to potential. The acceptance was heart-warming, and the enthusiasm was contagious. When I lost a friend in April, I took a break but found I was missing my gym time…not just the exercise. My community of HF’ers and the reliable positive start to my day had become a wonderful, trusted habit.
I have learned from yoga that whatever is “steady, relaxed, aligned ….in body, breath, and mind” is yoga and renewing to the spirit. THANK YOU to my fellow HF’ers for the chance to be part of a healthy, healing community and discover strength I didn’t know I had. I look forward to sharing the inspiration and kindness you have given me with other HFF’ers in the future!”
Lee Shackelford
Columbus, OH

“Committed And Invested In Your Success”

“The Human Form is different than any other gym or workout routine that I’ve ever experienced. I tell everyone that it’s not really a gym in the traditional sense. HF is more a philosophy and culture that truly cares about your overall, holistic health and well-being. Their team is committed and invested in your success. They were able to help me get over my chronic hip and back pain, lose body fat, and gain strength; all with less time in the gym and more fun than I ever thought I could have while working out.

The Human Form rocks, and I would encourage everyone to jump at the chance to work with this talented team.”

Taylor Sears
Columbus, OH

“Attention To Detail And Knowledge Of The Body”

“After injuring my elbow I was finding it very hard to get a decent upper body workout without severe pain.

The Human Form took the time to learn about my injury through their extensive assessments, recommend some further treatment from one of their Medical Advisory Board members before I started working out, and then mindfully crafted an appropriate exercise program.

I’m now able to get a great workout without pain and am integrating back into exercises that I haven’t been able to do for a year.

Their attention to detail, care and knowledge of the body is why I have made such a great recovery!

Highly recommended!”

Wes Strickling

Columbus, OH

“I Knew This Place Was Different”

I was referred to The Human Form by my golf instructor after working out at a big box gym for 5+ years.  He obviously knew I was not achieving my goals in spite of working out hard 3 times a week.

From the time I walked in, I knew this place was different.  For starters, one of their core values statements says ‘you cannot out train a poor nutrition plan’.  That makes so much sense.  I like HF as they coach the whole of me to fix a part of me.  That is the way we were designed to live and function.  I am now a believer after gaining 10+ pounds of muscle and continuing to lose belly fat which has been the issue for me in all the years of working out.

Nobody cares how much anybody knows until they know how much somebody cares.  Stephen, Michelle, James and the rest of the staff care and they also know their stuff.  You will be in good hands at The Human Form.

Atul P.
Columbus, OH

“I Love The Personal Attention”

While there are so many things to love about Human Form Fitness, I think what I love most is the personal attention. James, Michelle and Stephen are very attentive and have created a program specific to my needs and wants. If there is something specific I want to achieve, they help me get there. They are extremely supportive and willing to share their vast knowledge to help me along my health and fitness journey, whether it’s with diet or strength training tips. Of all the lifestyle changes I’ve made in the last few years, signing on at the Human Form was the smartest.  

Diana Holbrook
Columbus, OH

“Even At Age 77, HF Has Been Extremely Rewarding…”

“Two years ago, my son and daughter-in-law (John and Kim Kadlic) gave my wife and me a gift certificate for a Trial Membership at The Human Form.  My wife, Marianne, was “all in” right from the start.  I, on the other hand, was somewhat skeptical because of my age which was 75 years at the time.  I was reluctant to participate in a group training session with men and women much younger than me.  My concern was that the training would be in a uniform format and that I would not be able to keep up.

After encouragement from my family as well as Stephen and Michelle, I decided to “take the plunge”.  I quickly learned that even though the sessions are in groups, the trainers are very adept at “tailoring” the workout to assure that each individual specific concern is addressed in a highly professional and efficient way.  All of the trainers are extremely competent in their ability to push you but not hurt you.

Two years later, even at age 77, I can honestly say my time at The Human Form has been extremely rewarding and most important I feel more physically fit.

Thank you to everyone at The Human Form for all you have done for me and my family in improving our overall health.”

Paul and Marianne Kadlic
Columbus, OH

“This Group of Experts Does it Right”

Since just recently moving to Columbus, I was looking for a couple key environments I wanted to insert myself into to maximize my new home’s experience. Human Form Fitness has gone above and beyond with filling that need with a customized, new workout experience and healthy lifestyle priority! I specifically was in search of a gym concentrating on proper technique while maximizing fitness gains and I am lucky enough to have found the right place early on. With previous minor sports injuries, doing things the right way is very important to me and the people working here make it their priority to do the same.

One thing I find very unique and imperative in the HFF process is progressing from stages of difficulty of a particular exercise based on your own personal results. I found this made me confident in complex movements that, at one point, I was hesitant to perform. As a healthcare myself, this group of experts does it right!

Brett Stefan, D.C., MS
Columbus, OH

“The Human Form Exceeded My Expectations”

“Finding a fitness facility that could incorporate all of the elements of health that were important to me within an atmosphere that was encouraging and fun was a priority when I moved to Columbus two years ago.    From my first interaction, the Human Form met and exceeded my expectations.  The coaches are passionate about increasing my strength and flexibility; helping to make my fitness goals achievable.   It’s a great combination of continually being challenged to be at my physical best while at the same time being compassionately cared for and holistically guided on my health and wellness journey.  The Human Form team is the best!”

Stacia Edwards, Ed.D
Columbus, OH

“HF is a Wonderful Community”

I am so thankful for The Human Form and for all the team members that have helped me personally!  There is so much positive support @ HF! Your holistic approach sold me the minute after my initial assessment.

Every day that I am with your team,  I learn so much and appreciate all of the time you guys spend helping me be personally better, physically and mentally. There is definitely a reason why I found HF and I truly look forward to every small group personal training session. It’s a wonderful community!

And you guys kick my butt! Love it!… And I am getting stronger in the best way possible!

Sincerely from my heart: Thank You!

Donna Newman
Columbus, OH

“You’ll Never Be Satisfied With A Big Box Gym Again”

“Human Form has been my go-to for all things health and fitness for almost 10 years. They go beyond just being “trainers” by helping me to understand why certain exercises are beneficial. They take the time to understand my goals but also makes recommendations based on where they feel I could benefit most. They helped me to realign my posture post-baby, and strengthen my core and back to provide stability in all of my work outs. They promote holistic health and provide support for activities I do outside of the gym as well — like how to keep from getting the dreaded computer-back-hump! Michelle has helped me to be more aware of my diet and has changed how I approach cooking and eating out. She makes practical recommendations and provides solid support for times I have decided to complete a cleanse to jumpstart my metabolism. Once you work out here you’ll never be satisfied with the big-box mentality gym again… they make working out fun!”

Leah McDougald
Columbus, OH

“No Greater Value Found Anywhere Else”

“At Human Form, you don’t get a typical health club trainer; you get a top-notch team of professionals dedicated to a customized, holistic plan that will demonstrate results. From the thorough orthopedic assessment to the tailored corrective exercises and the ongoing strategy the HFF team is focused on your unique needs and goals. With their approach I was able to improve my mobility, posture and be pain-free in only 8 weeks! I am now feeling stronger in both my running and strength training. HF assesses where you are at a number of different levels to ensure you safely get to where you want to go. There is no greater value to be found anywhere else in such a positive and supportive environment.

Thank you HF Team!”

Joanne Wolf
Columbus, OH

“We Feel So Much Healthier And Happier”

“We came to Human Form at different times for different reasons…

Kim: I first came to Human Form to work with Michelle 5 years ago after suffering a back injury while playing tennis.  We spent about 8 months working together to get me back to a place where I was feeling strong and healthy enough to do the things I wanted to do.  I reconnected with Michelle in the early summer of 2015 and was excited to check out their small group training option.  I was still struggling with ongoing lower back pain and occasional shoulder issues.  In addition, my energy was low and I was starting to struggle with some digestive issues.

During my first three months, the coaches held me back from the advanced exercises I was used to doing on my own and had me spend time getting strong and stable with their “foundational movement patterns”. While this was initially frustrating, they constantly assured me that it was much better to master perfect form and always remain pain-free before graduating to something more complicated.  As always, they were right!  I can’t take credit for the patience, but it was definitely the way to go, as it established a really solid foundation on which to build.  Now I feel so strong and am totally confident as I progress into harder exercises and bigger challenges.  (Jeff, next up…pull ups!!).

I decided to tackle the nutrition piece by participating in a Whole 30 with a bunch of other Human Formers, in the hopes that it would address low energy levels and digestive issues.  It seemed food-related, but I just couldn’t put the pieces together.  As a result of the Whole 30 experience and with some encouragement from Michelle and James, I decided to try a functional medicine approach.  This resulted in a huge diet change that has really improved my health dramatically.  I would have never gotten to this place without the guidance, encouragement, and recommendations of the entire team at Human Form.

So, bottom line…  I’ve lost a good amount of weight, gained a lot of muscle, have more energy, and feel so much healthier and happier.  And to top it all off I have made some great friends!  Thank you, Stephen, Michelle, James, Jeff, Haleigh, and Cam!  You are the best!”

John: “I came to Human Form about a year and a half ago.  I had never been to a gym of any kind with any consistency and had always preferred to do my own thing for exercise (mostly cardio…and eating potato chips).  After some “encouragement” from Kim and some other Human Formers, I decided to give it a try.  I appreciated the individual assessment that was done up front to address my posture, biomechanics and muscle imbalances and then to customize the routines to me personally.  While I was initially a bit reluctant because I felt I didn’t “need” any help working out, I can now say that I truly have loved coming to The Human Form.  The instructors are terrific; the personalized program has really taught me how to do things properly and helped me make more progress than I could have done on my own.  But most of all, it’s a fun workout environment with a great community of members.  Except for Pat… I’ve never liked Pat.  And Dave is really loud in the morning.  And Brad is always bitching about how sore he is.  But I like it anyway.  Really LOL”

Kim & John Kadlic
Columbus, OH

“I Gained A Workout Family”

I have been working out in the small group training classes at Human Form for the last two years. During that time, James and the staff at HF were able to help me go from a state of chronic intense pain, due to a serious car accident years ago, to almost no pain.

Through their coaching and education, I even learned that some of the exercises that I had been doing on my own in the past were actually hurting me, not making me feel better. At HF, each class starts off with every person being asked how they are feeling, or if anyone has any issues or pain. Small group workouts are then tailored to each individual based on their specific needs.

Not only do I look and feel better since joining HF, I feel like I have gained a workout family.

Thank you, Stephen, Michelle, and James for helping me transform my life!

Holly Compton
Columbus, OH

“HF Is So Different On So Many Levels”

I’ve had terrible back and neck issues for the majority of my life. I was diagnosed with scoliosis and since then, I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on chiropractic, acupuncture, spinal traction…you name it.Two herniated disks later, and at the age of 45, I looked at my husband Jeff and said: “I would give ANYTHING to find something that would really help me not only feel better but look better also.” Jeff researched online and found Human Form Fitness.

Figuring I had nothing to lose, I read through the website and called the next day. I went in for my first assessment without really having any hopes that HFF would end up being any different than anything else I’ve ever tried. Boy…was I wrong! HF is so different on so many levels. Stephen and Michelle took their time with me and really understood where I was coming from and what it would take to help me out. They were truly interested in seeing me improve and they weren’t just trying to sell me a membership.

I was immediately struck by how knowledgeable and passionate they are about what they do. When it comes to holistic fitness and our “human forms” no two people are better than they are. I’ve been a member of HFF since January 2014. Since then, my posture has improved, my pain has decreased, I’m able to do things now without worrying that I’ll throw my back out or herniate another disk.

And….for us ladies in our 40’s, here comes the best part; I’ve lost body fat, I’m a ton stronger and I feel great! Stephen and Michelle are fantastic as is the rest of the HF staff. I feel so lucky that I get to be part of something so amazing! I can’t wait to see what I’ll be like a year from now.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve given me!

Wendy Kendall
Columbus, OH

“An Amazing Journey With The Human Form”

“I am so fortunate to have found The Human Form. There was a point in my life where my entire body shut down. I couldn’t do anything except get through my work day. I was depressed about not being able to do any of the activities I had once enjoyed. But also, to be honest, I hated to workout. I hate to sweat, so for me to join a “gym” was something I wouldn’t do. The Human Form staff changed that for me! I have been on an amazing journey with The Human Form; and their positive and enthusiastic approach to be the best you can be is inspiring. They are professionals that practice what they preach. I like the fact that Michelle has been not only my personal trainer but my friend. As much as I hate to workout I love going to see them and know that I am doing something good for me. Even if I have to sweat a little. ” Kim McDevitt Columbus, OH

“Workout For The Body, Mind & Spirit”

When my 87 year old dad could do more squats than I could muster, I knew it was time to do something. Friends encouraged me to look into Human Form Fitness. So glad I did!

The HFF’s positive environment with a focus on strengthening the body, enlightening the mind, and energizing the spirit is just right for me. The personal attention from the knowledgeable, generous and ever-watchful staff helps each of us work to our maximum as we are coached through the details of correct form.  I am inspired by the commitment and progress of everyone in the small group workouts.

My body is changing–my core, arms and back are stronger, my backside is tighter. I’m just hoping that I can beat my dad in our next squat off.

Karen Bell
Grandview OH

“Healthy And Active Long Into Retirement Years”

The Human Form has been instrumental in my accomplishing a full recovery from back surgery. Their knowledge of post-rehabilitation fundamentals gave me complete confidence in their abilities. They developed a program that not only allowed me to regain full use of my back and leg, but has he lped me strengthen my core muscles to further protect my back from re-injury. In addition to structuring my workouts, they also educated me on how to remain healthy and active long into my retirement years. I’m even back on the golf course!

Carolyn T. Christy
Columbus, OH

“I Didn’t Realize How Much I Was Missing Out On!”

“Before I found The Human Form, I felt knee pain and general fatigue.  I knew I needed to start exercising, eating right and changing my body composition, I just didn’t know where to start.  My coworker who had experienced positive changes recommended The Human Form so I gave it a try, not really knowing what to expect.  Right from the beginning the members made me feel comfortable – everyone was very welcoming and supportive.  The coaches are all so kind, smart and helpful; I knew right away I’d be sticking with them for the long haul.

Five months later I feel rejuvenated.  I’ve learned so much about my body and how to exercise correctly.  The best thing is that now I feel like I have so much more energy and motivation to play with my daughter and do more activities with my family.  I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on!  I’d recommend The Human Form to anyone looking for making positive lifestyle changes.

Thank you to The Human Form team for all your support and encouragement.”

Columbus, OH

“An Amazing Place To Workout”

The Human Form is an amazing place to workout. All of the coaches are super knowledgeable and they seem to always know the right buttons to push to keep you on the path to optimal health. I cannot imagine a better environment to get your fitness in gear!

Michael Smucker
Columbus, OH

“A Unique And Valuable Holistic Fitness Studio”

The Human Form is a unique and valuable fitness studio because of their holistic approach to the health of each of their clients. They don’t give out cookie-cutter workout programs and dangerous fad diet recommendations. Each client is viewed as an individual and programs are designed to meet their specific needs and aspirations.

If you are just starting your journey towards health and wellness, or if you are already on the path, The Human Form fitness studio is a great resource that I highly recommend.

Tamara Strickland N.D.
Columbus, OH

“I Highly Recommend These Services To Anyone”

Stephen exemplifies a level of professionalism that is of the highest standard. His assessment skills are excellent, allowing me to feel comfortable working with him, even though I began the program in less-than-perfect health. In the last year I have been able to dramatically reduce or eliminate several medications. My strength and stamina have improved, allowing me to better enjoy my daily activities. I highly recommend these services to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness level.

David Yashon, M.D.
Columbus, OH

“I Will Forever Be Grateful.”

“As part of my move to Columbus I decided to seek a workout home that would jumpstart my health on the right track. I quickly found Human Form Fitness and reached out to the staff. After completing my assessment I couldn’t wait to sign up for their small group workouts!

Their expertise is bar none and the team truly looks at the body holistically. I workout several times a week in small groups and I am so thankful for the friendships I’ve made, the pristine facilities, camaraderie of the members, the leadership and expertise provided by the staff, and the individual attention.

Oh yea, during my four months with HFF; I’ve lost over 26 pounds of body fat, added 5 pounds of muscle, my clothes fit better, I have more energy, I sleep better than I have ever in my entire life, and my diet is clean and healthy. I will never return to the guy I used to be as a result of the Human Form Fitness team. Human Form has changed my life and I will forever be grateful for their commitment to me.”

Scott Self
Columbus, OH

“The Small Group Training Sessions Are Awesome!”

I first knew I needed to workout at The Human Form when my mom got thinner and stronger than me after only two months there! LOL. Now I’ve been a client for five years and it’s awesome. I love the Small Group Training Workouts. This makes it more affordable for me, but I get all of the guidance and support that I need to succeed.

Kelly Salvatore
Columbus, OH

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