Holistic Fitness Workouts & Memberships

Small Group Personal Training Sessions (1 to 5 members/1 coach)

  • The best elements of private one-on-one coaching and group training
  • Functional Strength Training to build lean muscle
  • Metabolic Conditioning to enhance endurance and burn fat
  • Detailed, personalized instruction for every member with every exercise
  • Education – learn how to transform your body safely and effectively… and have fun along the way!

Metabolic Conditioning Sessions

MetCon Essentials (up to 12 members/1 coach)

  • Introduction to our Fun, Fast-Paced and Dynamic Metabolic Conditioning Sessions
  • Alternate between strength training exercises and higher-intensity cardio stations
  • Rev-up your endurance and burn body fat
  • Utilize fun tools such as TRX Straps, Medicine Balls, Bikes, Ropes, Sleds and more
  • Smaller coach/member ratio ensures you can train hard AND safe

MetCon Evolution (up to 24 members/1-2 coaches)

  • Our “Graduate Level” Metabolic Conditioning Sessions
  • Advanced strength training exercises and shorter rest intervals
  • Note: New members must be approved before attending their first Evolution workout


Non-Membership Option

Program Design

  • An excellent option for the independent exerciser who prefers to work out at their own club or home gym.
  •  HF Clinical Assessment 
  • Personalized Corrective Routine and Strength Workouts
  • Private one-on-one instructional sessions
  • Diagrams and descriptions and/or videos of all exercises
  • New workout programs designed every 8-10 weeks

Initial Investment: $599

  • HF Assessment
  • Review of Findings
  • Design of Corrective & Workout Programs
  • 3 Private Training Sessions
  • Workout Folder

New Programs: $299

  • Design of New Exercise Programs
  • 2 Private Training Sessions
  • Workout Folder

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