Holistic Fitness Services & Memberships

Small Group Personal Training Sessions (1 to 5 members/1 coach)

This is the best option for the majority of members looking to get in great shape, lose weight, and increase their energy and vitality.  These sessions combine the best elements of both one-on-one training and group training.  With our exclusive HFF  Clinical Assessment and Ranking System, you’ll get the exact exercises you need, AND the energy, accountability and camaraderie of group training.

This particular service model is unique to HFF and central Ohio.  Our Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) is NOT a poorly-attended boot camp! It is personal training;  and you get to share the cost of the coach with a few other dedicated and supportive members.  You’ll never get lost in the crowd or have to wonder if you’re performing an exercise properly.  These sessions are focused on building functional strength and movement patterns  (essential for both men and women), working the whole body, and conclude with a combination of metabolic exercises to condition your anaerobic system and burn fat.

Our coaches are able to personalize the specific exercises and movements for each member by using our HFF Coaches Cards.  Every member has a detailed card on file that ranks him/her for each type of exercise, and notifies the coach about any current physical limitations to be addressed in the session.

We consider education to be a vital part of our job as your health and fitness coaches.  We’ll teach you how to exercise in a manner that is safe, effective and, wait for it…. fun!


2 x Week + 1 FREE Metabolic Conditioning Session/week:

$259/month (6-months) – Average $19.19 per workout


$249/month (12-months) – Average $18.44 per workout

Unlimited SGPT + Unlimited Metabolic Conditioning Sessions:

$359/month (6-months) – As low as $16.56 per workout


$349/month (12-months) – As low as $15.70 per workout

One-on-One Private Training Sessions


Although we have found that the SGPT is the best option for the majority of our members (both in terms of results, enjoyment and cost effectiveness), there are members who either need one-on-one private training (based on injuries, pain, or movement re-training), simply desire that format of training, or have specific goals that require individualized attention i.e. golf, triathlon etc.

Our Private Training option includes our HFF Clinical Assessment, design of both Corrective Stretching/Mobilizations, and Individualized Strength Training Workouts.  One-on-One coaching is provided during each workout, allowing for continued adjustments and tracking of progress.  These sessions are scheduled directly with the Private Coaching Staff.  Please call for more detail


1 x Week + Unlimited Metabolic Conditioning Sessions:

$649/month (6-months)


$625/month (12-months)

2 x Week + Metabolic Conditioning Sessions:

$1299/month (6-months)


$1275/month (12 months)

Program Design

The Program Design Track is an excellent option for the independent exerciser seeking new, individualized workout routines, who prefers to work out at their own club or home gym.  After the initial HFF Clinical Assessment, your personalized corrective routine and workouts will be designed.  The workouts will be taught to you through private one-on-one instructional sessions.  Diagrams and descriptions of the exercises will be provided, as well as a workout log to track your progress.

New workout programs designed every 8-10 weeks

Initial Investment: $599

  • HFF Assessment
  • Review of Findings
  • Design of Corrective & Workout Programs
  • 3 Private Training Sessions
  • Workout Folder

New Programs: $299

  • Design of New Exercise Programs
  • 2 Private Training Sessions
  • Workout Folder

Metabolic Conditioning Sessions

MetCon Essentials (up to 12 members/1 coach)

HFF Metabolic Conditioning Sessions are a fantastic way to train your whole body and ramp up your metabolism.  Foundations is where all new members start in regards to our Metabolic Conditioning Sessions (for at least one session). This is a fast-paced and dynamic format based on an 8-station circuit with timed segments of work and rest. You’ll be alternating between strength training and higher intensity cardio stations. You’ll utilize fun tools such as TRX Straps, Medicine Balls, Bikes, Jump Ropes, Dumbbells and more. With the smaller class size and all exercises being performed at Level 1, you’ll get the attention you need and can be sure you’re working hard AND safe.

MetCon Evolution (up to 24 members/1-2 coaches)

AfterBurn is the “graduate level” of our Metabolic Conditioning Sessions.  The format is fast-paced and fun like the Foundations Sessions, only the interval times are more challenging, and there are more advanced levels of the strength training exercises as options. As always, you will be supervised by an HFF coach to ensure that you are performing the exercises at the appropriate level.  Note:  Each new member must be approved before attending their first AfterBurn session.

Jump Start Cleanse

This cleanse is not a diet, but rather an anti-diet. It will ease you into a more natural and healthier way of life. You will ACTUALLY EAT REAL FOOD while on this program!  It emphasizes whole foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, high-quality organic meats, and healthy fats  while limiting high-calorie processed and refined foods. These real foods, along with whole food-based supplements and energy- packed smoothies, will keep you feeling satisfied for all 21 days.

Typical results for this gentle three week include: weight loss (if needed), increased energy and vitality, better digestion, improved sleep, clear skin and much more.

We offer the Jump Start Cleanse program as a group once each quarter. However, you can start the Cleanse at any time during the year. Contact us for more details.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Our HFF Nutrition and Lifestyle Education Program is a 12-week course covering a wide variety of topics, all designed to teach you how to eat and live with optimal health and vitality.

Topics will include:

  • How to set both short and long terms goals, and how to set yourself up for success
  • Starting baselines of weight and other measurements
  • Visualization and Hypnosis for Healthy Weight Loss and Exercise Adherence
  • Food logs
  • Kitchen Make-Over Assistance
  • Hidden Toxins in Everyday Kitchen and House Items
  • Macronutrients Made Easy
  • Supplements – The Good and The Bad
  • Tons of Tips and Tricks to Make these Transitions Painless
  • Continual Email Education
  • Three In-Person Meetings
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Much, much more…

The HFF Nutrition & Lifestyle Educational Program is run year-round.  Please contact us for more details.