The Human Form Studio

Our studio equipment and open space are based on creating functional movement patterns that have a high carry-over to your everday activities and sports (secret: these are also the best tools for weight loss). We utilize TRX Suspension Straps, Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettlebells, Swiss Balls, Medicine Balls, Cable Systems, Plyometric Boxes, a variety of Balance and Proprioceptive Tools, and much more.

What you will NOT find are rows of seated, fixed-plane machines. Our philosophy is that the vast majority of people do too much sitting every day, so it makes little sense to sit down to work out.

Our Address

1197 Chesapeake Avenue
Columbus, Ohio, 43212

We’re a bit hard to find the first time, so here is a handy┬ámap to help you find us.

We’re actually on the back side of the building marked “m2” on Chesapeake Ave. Next to it, you’ll find an alley with our sign in it. Take that alley back to our parking lot and entrance.


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