Women’s Fitness

Equal but NOT the same

The Human Form Health and Fitness Institute was created to ensure that all clients, regardless of gender or fitness level, could feel confident on their journey towards optimal health and wellness, without concerns about “fitting into” the commercial big-box (mostly male) gym culture.

We specialize in creating successful programs for women by attention to details and a focus on individualization. While we acknowledge that women are at least equal to men in almost every regard, there are some important physiological and anatomical differences that need to be respected, when designing a fitness program.

A partial list of these issues include:

A wider and generally more forward-tilted pelvis

This can cause exaggerated curves in both the upper and lower spine, weaker deep abdominal muscles, increased stress and risk of injury to the low back, knees and IT Band.

Less muscle mass in the neck and upper back

This can be a leading cause of headaches and the dreaded “dowagers hump”. Many adult women are aware of this postural deformation in their mothers or other older female relatives, but don’t know how to prevent it. We can help you.

Hormonal fluctuations during the month and pre/post menopausal states

Women have a unique and frequently-changing hormonal profile, that can alter the intensity and focus of a workout or nutrition plan. Your Human Form Coach will respect your subjective feedback and make the appropriate changes to ensure your safety and success.

Pre/post Pregnancy Precautions

As beautiful as childbirth may be, it is also a unique stress on the body. Hormones are elevated, joints increase in laxity, abdominal muscles are stretched and perhaps cut through (C-section), to name a few of the stressors. With proper exercise progressions, these issues can be worked around or remedied and you can return to a strong and vibrant sense of well-being in a short period of time.

High heel fashion (this is also an issue for drag queens)

If you must wear high heels (anything over 2″), then you must also take the proper steps to limit the destruction to your body. There are only a few postural deviations that will allow you to stand upright in high heels, and none of them are good the health of your spine or soft tissues. We can show you how to survive being a slave to fashion.

The differences listed above are just some of the details that we incorporate into your individualized, female-specific health and wellness plan. That being said, there are some ways in which we train women that are still thought of as “typically male”. For example, we treat every woman as an athlete. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never kicked a ball or picked up a racket. Your body is made to move and it will thrive when you get it into action. All women will function better in daily life when they can squat, lunge, push, pull and twist. In order to do those movements, you must gradually get stronger each week with your workouts. We will be there to coach and encourage you all the way to the finish line, whatever that might look like for you.

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