The Best Posture Exercise

So, here at HFF we are obsessed with posture.  It’s a borderline fetish. We admit it.

You may  be wondering why, like “What’s the big deal?”.

Fair enough, here’s the short answer:

Proper posture will enable you to feel better, look better, breath better and perform better at everything (except maybe if you’re a contortionist).

For part of the longer answer, see our previous post On Being A Posture Snob Part 1

In todays instructional video you’ll learn how to perform what we believe to be the best posture exercise on the planet.  Of course, there are many other worthy exercises that improve posture, but The Prone Cobra will do wonders for you.

In review:

This is the best posture exercise that you can do without any equipment. Your first goal will be to complete 6 sets of 30s on/15s off, for a total work time of 3 minutes.  As you build endurance in your upper back muscles, you can reduce the number of sets that it takes you to reach that 3 minute goal i.e. 3 x 1m, 2 x 90s and eventually 1 x 3 minutes straight through.

Friends don’t let friends walk around looking like apes.  Please share this post with anyone you care about who could benefit.

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