How To Perform A Perfect Turkish Get-Up Part 1

The Turkish Get-Up (TGU) is among the rare exercises that works on Stability, Mobility and Strength all at the same time.

It can be performed, in some variation, by most of the general population with great benefit. It can seem a bit complex at first, which is why we chose to break it up into two videos.

Is it worth taking the time to master?


In this Turkish Get-Up Part 1 video, “Kettlebell King James” demonstrates the proper set up, basic principles, and the first quarter of the movement:

Key elements to keep in mind:

1) This is a tension exercise, so stay tight!

2) Keep the kettlebell or dumbbell directly over your shoulder joint at all times.

3) The first move is more of a “roll” than a crunch.

Spend some time and master this portion of the Turkish Get-Up, and stayed tuned for Part 2.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

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