Nathan’s Journey: Accountability Meets Approachability

A few weeks ago, I started meeting with Michelle at The Human Form to guide me in my nutrition and meal planning. To summarize my life in a few statements, I’ve had a sweet tooth since a young age,  have said no to carbs entirely a few times, and historically have fallen victim to the social pressures of late night pizza and tater tots on many occasions. I’ve always worked out at least 3-4 times each week and still battled with my weight and personal goals, so nutrition knowledge was a much-needed addition. A few months ago, I decided it was time to call in an expert.

I’m just three weeks into the process and I have been so stunned by the experience.  In my head, I was expecting our meetings and email threads to be filled with “shame on you” gifs or excessive exclamation points in response to my admitted cheats. But instead, I got things like this:

“I wouldn’t necessarily consider a bratwurst a cheat. Don’t beat yourself up for things like that.”

“If these foods you love work for you, work to create more like them.”

“If you find yourself still hungry, try having more and see how it goes.”

“Have fun with it!”

Have you ever heard those things coming from your nutritionist!? Admittedly, it’s all new to me and it’s blowing my mind. And you know what I love most? I actually AM having fun at it. I’m exploring foods, not condemning them. I’m taking the time to reflect on how certain foods (and quantities) make me feel, then adapting from it. I’m spending a few more minutes each day making foods I love, and falling back in love with the process of cooking. In the process, I’m not shedding weight fast, and I’ve stopped stepping on the scale every single day in hopes for healthy changes, not starvation tactics or diet fads. But, my energy levels are up, my sleep is more sound, and I can make a pretty incredible cast-iron grilled salmon dinner.

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