Nathan’s Journey: Getting Started

For anyone reading that has never heard about The Human Form physical fitness methodology, let me give a brief overview. When you get started, you meet with a coach who will do an introductory consultation and an orthopedic-based assessment. This isn’t like the mediocre tour and sales pitch that you get when you sign up at your nearest globo-gym. It’s an unbelievable combination of data collection and anatomy nerdery. My time with Stephen was the most informative hour as it relates to understanding by body. Just a few things that I never would have known had it not been for the meeting:

  • The distance between my shoulder blade and my arm is slightly different from arm to arm.
  • When we spend hours at a desk looking at a computer, we are likely to see our shoulders and head drop, causing significantly more weight-bearing and work to be done on your vertebrae and back.
  • While it may appear flat in my nicest pair of jeans, I’ve got an absurdly strong gluteus maximus.

Just a few days after my introductory consultation, I came back to the studio and spent an hour with Stephen, going over the results of our time together and the action items and list of correctives that could help me with each. From there, an interactive session where I was shown how to do each of the corrective positions, which would become a part of my daily routine.  I was handed a folder that included each position, with photos and descriptions of each to supplement the live demonstration. And from there, I was given the tutorial of how to use MindBody App, the tool that The Human Form uses to schedule workout sessions.

And at that I was ready for my first workout. More on that experience to come soon.

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