The HF Clinical Assessment

Below is an example of an HF Clinical Assessment Review developed from approximately 45 different orthopedic tests and evaluations.

Key measurements are noted and will be re-tested at set intervals to record progress.  The red and blue areas indicate muscles groups that need to be strengthened or mobilized/lengthened.  Your individualized corrective program will be designed based on this assessment, your current condition, and your particular goals.

Assessment Example

The above assessment is of a member that came to HF to lose weight and get relief from long-term low back and neck pain.  Our evaluation indicated several potential causes of his pain: upper-crossed syndrome, forward head posture, steep first rib angle, lack of extension in both his thoracic and lumbar spine and potential stress on his low back due to the asymmetry of his pelvic tilt angles.

Over the course of three months, this member was able to normalize all of these postural issues by performing specific corrective exercises.  This allowed him to exercise pain-free for the first time in over three years.  Combined with a modest lifestyle redesign plan, he was also able to lose weight and regain his active life and vitality.

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