Where are you located?
Our studio is located at 1197 Chesapeake Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43212.
What is The Human Form Clinical Assessment, and why is it required before I can start working out?
Our exclusive HF Clinical Assessment consists of between 20-35 tests, and is used to determine specific areas of each members body that need to be addressed and normalized, in order to ensure that the training sessions are appropriate, safe and effective. Each member is prescribed personalized corrective exercises to fix imbalances, relieve tightness and pain, and strengthen the appropriate muscle groups. This evaluation and personalization enables our coaches to individualize each workout to your personal needs. It also allows us to train members who have previous injuries, and might otherwise be inactive, or get lost in the traditional “boot camp” environment that are popular at the moment. For a more detailed look at The Human Form Clinical Assessment, CLICK HERE and/or view the video on our homepage HERE


What is Semi-Private Personal Training?
The Human Form Semi-Private Personal Training (SPPT) is the best way for the majority of our members to get in shape, lose weight, and have fun. There is always one HF Coach for every five members.  These sessions combine the best elements of both one-on-one training and group exercise.  With our exclusive HF Assessment and Ranking System, you’ll get the exact exercises you need, AND the energy, accountability and camaraderie of group training. This particular service model is unique to The Human Form and central Ohio. Our SPPT is NOT a poorly-attended boot camp! It IS personal training; and you get to share the cost of the coach with a few other dedicated and supportive members.
You’ll never get lost in the crowd or have to wonder if you’re performing an exercise properly.  These sessions are focused on building functional strength and movement patterns  (essential for both men and women), working the whole body, and conclude with a combination of metabolic exercises to condition your anaerobic system and burn fat. Our certified coaches are able to personalize the specific exercises and movements for each member by using the HF Coaches Cards.  Every member has a detailed card on file that ranks him/her for each type of exercise or movement pattern, and notifies the coach about any current physical limitations to be addressed in the session.
Do you offer private 1-1 personal training?
Yes. Although we have found that the SPPT is the best option for the majority of our members (both in terms of results, enjoyment, and cost-effectiveness), there are members who either need one-on-one private training (based on injuries, pain, or movement re-training), simply desire that format of training, or have specific goals that require individualized attention i.e. golf, triathlon etc.
Our Private Training option includes our HF Clinical Assessment, design of both Corrective Stretching/Mobilizations, and Individualized Strength Training Workouts.  One-on-One coaching is provided for each workout, allowing for continued adjustments and tracking of progress.  These sessions are scheduled directly with the Private Coaching Staff.  Please call for more details.
What are the Metabolic Conditioning Sessions?
The HF Metabolic Conditioning Sessions are the only form of larger group training that we offer at The Human Form. There are two different levels of Metabolic Conditioning, currently offered on Tuesdays and Saturdays:

MetCon Essentials (up to 10 members/1 coach)

HF Metabolic Conditioning Sessions are a fantastic way to train your whole body and ramp up your metabolism.  Essentials is where all new members start in regards to our Metabolic Conditioning Sessions (for at least one session). This is a fast-paced and dynamic format based on an 8-station circuit with timed segments of work and rest. You’ll be alternating between strength training and higher intensity cardio stations. You’ll utilize fun tools such as TRX Straps, Medicine Balls, Bikes, Jump Ropes, Dumbbells and more. With the smaller class size and all exercises being performed at Level 1, you’ll get the attention you need and can be sure you’re working hard AND safe.

MetCon Evolution (up to 18 members/1-2 coaches)

MetCon Evolution is the “graduate level” of our Metabolic Conditioning Sessions.  The format is fast-paced and fun like the Essentials Sessions, only the interval times are more challenging, and there are more advanced levels of the strength training exercises as options. As always, you will be supervised by an HF coach to ensure that you are performing the exercises at the appropriate level.  Note:  Each new member must be approved before attending their first Evolution session.

How does the 14 Day Personal Training Trial Memberships work?
Everyone who is considering joining us is given the option to “test drive” our services and experience our culture with our 14 Days for $79 Personal Training Experience. We feel we have the best programs and the success-oriented environment in Central Ohio. But talk is cheap, especially in the health and fitness industry. We want you to come meet our coaching team, meet the other members and give us a chance to earn your business. Your Personal Training Experience includes:

  • HF Clinical Assessment
  • An Individualized Exercise Program Design
  • 1 Private One-On-One Training Session
  • Unlimited Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions (1-5 members/1 coach)
  • Unlimited Metabolic Conditioning Session

At the end of your Personal Training Experience, if we’re not a perfect fit for you, simply walk away and you’ll be under no further obligation. It really is as simple as that.

Many people who come through our doors have already made up their mind to join our studio through referral or by our reputation in the community; but for those who haven’t yet decided, trying before you commit is the best way to get started.

What kind of Nutritional Coaching do you offer?
If weight loss is one of your goals, please realize that at least 70% of your results will be determined by your nutrition and lifestyle. We currently offer several options for Nutritional Coaching – Click Here for more information.
What if I am gone on vacation?
When you travel, you can make up any of the sessions that you missed, during the same calendar month. For example: if you are on the 2x week membership, and you are out of town for an entire week, you could make up those 2 sessions by coming in 3 times the remaining weeks of the month. Unused sessions do not roll over from month to month.
What if I have a medical issue, can I freeze my membership?
Yes, we will freeze your membership for a medical reason at your request. Freezes are for 1 calendar month and can be extended for up to 3 months.
Do you offer any alternative payment methods to the monthly auto-debit?
All of our membership agreements are based on monthly auto-debit from a credit card. As an alternative, we do accept payment in full for 3 months via check or cash.
Why do you only offer a 6-month membership?
After completing your Trial Membership, we offer 6-month membership. This membership will be reoccurring until canceled at the end of the 6-month time period. We ask for a 6-month commitment because improving your health and fitness is a long-term endeavor. Our experience has shown that following our philosophy for that length of time will produce results that you will see and feel, and be able to maintain for a lifetime. Note: we do offer a month-to-month membership option at a higher price point.
Can I come and workout on my own?
The Human Form is a “Training Studio”, meaning that all members will be working with a coach while in our facility. We don’t offer any “open hours” for use of the equipment without coaching supervision.


How many sessions do you have each day/week?
We currently offer over 37 training sessions per week and will be adding more as our membership grows to accommodate the individual attention and maintain the coach/member ratio.  To view our schedule, click on the “Schedule” tab at the top of our homepage HERE.  For a complete description of our group training options, Click HERE
How do I schedule my sessions? What is the Mind/Body system?
We utilize a secure online platform called Mind/Body. It is one of the most popular and easiest to use scheduling system used by gyms and yoga studios throughout the country. Once our coaches put you into the system, you’ll create your own password. This will enable you to quickly sign up for any Semi-Private Personal Training session or MetCon Training. Sign up is available on your computer or an app on your mobile device.
Do I have to sign up for each workout session? Is it OK to drop in?
We do require that all members sign up for each of the workout sessions. Our coaches pull each personal member card to prepare for the workout session. This enables the coach to structure the training session to the members that will be attending and provide the personalization that is the HF trademark.

General Inquiries

Do you have “really out-of-shape people” like me?
One of the unique aspects of our culture, philosophy, and training system is the ability to meet new members where they are currently, and integrate them seamlessly into the supportive and safe environment of our SPPT sessions. We have members of varying fitness levels, ages, and goals. Not only can we accommodate these differences, but we actually celebrate the diversity of our membership. Unless you are a huge bodybuilder or a professional athlete, there will be someone just like you already here as a member.
I have bad knees/hips/shoulder/neck etc., can I still workout in the small groups?
Our SPPT sessions are designed to accommodate a variety of levels, injuries, and restrictions all in the same session. Our coaches have detailed information about each member and will tailor the workout to your needs and abilities. They will guide you on appropriate modifications and regressions of certain exercises, or even provide an alternative movement that may help resolve the issue at hand. From time to time we come across a new client who may need a little extra attention prior to starting the SPPT sessions. For these individuals, we offer private training sessions (up to 6) at a discounted rate that will help integrate you into the Semi-Private workouts.
How is The Human Form Fitness “holistic” in its approach to health & fitness?
The word “holistic” is being used more and more in the wellness community today. To us, it identifies the way we view the body – as a “whole”. People come to us for various reasons; weight loss, athletic performance, injury prevention, improved vitality, etc. Regardless of the motivation to workout, the greatest success occurs when we take care of the entire body – inside and out. High quality, challenging workouts are only part of the recipe which also includes proper nutrition, stress relief, sleep, and balanced hormones, to name just a few important factors. We aim to provide services (and/or team up with our extensive network of medical professionals) to address all areas of health and wellness to expedite your progress with us and ensure long-term success.
How fast will I see results?
There are so many ways to measure “results”. Just by practicing your short “at home” corrective program, you may feel improvements in posture and small aches and pains immediately, and certainly within a week. If weight loss is one of your goals, then combining your workouts with changes in your nutrition and lifestyle will expedite your results. Increased energy and improved sleep can also be felt in just a few weeks. When we perform our reassessments at the 90-day mark, the changes are often astounding – people feel better, are standing up straighter, have less pain, feel stronger and are on a consistent weight loss path.
What is the difference between HF and the big chain gyms like LA Fitness, Lifetime or Gold’s Gym?
The Human Form is designed to be a “training studio”. Members work out with a coach at all times and are consistency guided through individualized personal training workouts in a small group setting. At The Human Form, we aim to create a community for our members; a friendly, supportive environment that everyone can be a part of. Friendships are formed, business connections are made, camaraderie is built, and the workouts are fun and challenging at the same time. Our studio equipment and open space are based on creating functional movement patterns that have a high carry-over to your everyday activities and sports (secret: these are also the best tools for weight loss). We utilize TRX Suspension Straps, Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettlebells, Swiss Balls, Medicine Balls, Cable Systems, Plyometric Boxes, a variety of Balance and Proprioceptive Tools, and much more.
What kinds of education and certifications have the Coaches at HF obtained?
HF employs a select group of coaches that have diverse educational credentials from Universities, as well as nationally recognized certifications, internships and mentorships. Our coaches’ current resumes include:

  • Exercise Physiologist – BS Ohio Wesleyan University
  • BA Otterbein College, Fitness & Health Promotions
  • Exercise Science, BS Ohio State University
  • Exercise Physiologist, BS Ohio State University
  • Certified Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) Myokinematics
  • Graduate – The National Personal Training Institute
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist
  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified
  • Certified Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor
  • CHEK Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • CHEK Corrective Exercise Kinesiologist
  • TPI Certified Golf Fitness Trainer Level 3
  • TPI Certified Golf Power Coach Level 2
  • TPI Certified Junior Golf Fitness Coach Level 2
  • CHEK Holistic Golf Performance Coach
  • USAW Sports Coach (Olympic Lifting)
  • ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor
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