HF Quarantine Health & Fitness Resources

Wow, what a crazy time, eh?

We miss all of you already.

The truth is, no one can control what happens next. And that gives many of us a feeling of uncertainty that causes stress and anxiety.

But by focusing your attention on small daily actions, you can move forward even in the face of uncertainty. And in turn, that reduces stress and anxiety.

The purpose of these pages is to compile numerous resources for our members to make the absolute best of a challenging and uncertain situation, including:

  • At-home fitness workouts utilizing only body weight, bands or light dumbbells
  • A package of timely health and fitness resources you can use during this time. Because as you know, it’s more important than ever that you take care of yourself (and help others do the same).

At-Home Workouts Page << — Click Here

FINISHERS? You Can’t Handle The Finishers! (Of course you can!!)

Not sure what to do for a finisher?

Here are a few of YOUR favorites that can be done at home with minimal equipment.

Luckily, almost anything can be done “Tabata style”, which just refers to 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest interval periods. We typically do this for 8 total work periods, but you can change this if needed.

Feel free to substitute a version of the exercise that works for you or incorporate any cardio equipment you may have.

I recorded a few for you that I’m going to drop links to here. There will be more to come so check back regularly!

Skiers & Mtn ClimbersVideo
Swings (or RDLs) & PlanksVideo
Squats & BurpeesVideo

Additional Resources

Holistic Health Articles

Many of you know that Michelle is a certified Precision Nutrition Coach. PN has several resources (links below) that will remind you of the foundational principles of health we advocate here at HF, including fun info-graphics (Stephen refuses to read articles without some form of pictures):

How To Stay In Shape When You’re Busy (or trapped in your house)

How To Eat For Optimal Health (and boost your immune system)

How To Improve Your Sleep

How to Best Manage Stress


Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching by Michelle

If you would like personalized Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching during this time period, consider talking to Michelle about her coaching program (can easily be done over the phone), and specialized programs can be designed for this “unique time”:

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Programs

Transformative Coaching by Renegade Life

Feeling stressed and want to “Calm The F*** Down”, check out Stephen’s Transformative Life Coaching podcast “There is No Spoon” (link below) and/or consult with him about phone coaching sessions.

There is No Spoon Podcast

Renegade Life Coaching Website

Mary Sinclair, EmbodiYoga YouTube Channel

Check out a new video(s) from long-time member and Yogini extraordinaire Mary Sinclair.

So many of you enjoyed her EmbodiYoga workshop here in February, and were disappointed that her follow-up had to be postponed; not to worry, she has started a YouTube Channel to help keep you grounded and sane during these somewhat insane seeming time.

Click Here for Mary’s Page!

James Fryer, Breathing Presentation

James Fryer, Lymphatic Self-Love  Presentation

James Fryer, Foot Fetish

“Pillow Talk” Exercises with Coach Lauren

Humor (term used loosely)

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