Junior Athletic Development

Meet Coach Jeff Turner

The Human Form is proud to be partnering with one of the best athletic development coaches in the country. Jeff has the passion, dedication, and decades of experience with proven results that speak for themselves. Equally as important, he walks the walk, and shares our core values, mission and standards of service.

Jeff is the founder of The Athletic Development Academy and Fit2Play. He personally evaluates and trains young athletes on the fundamental movement skills that underlie all athletic activity – The Underpinnings of Athleticism. By developing these often overlooked qualities, Coach Jeff is able to both increase a juniors athletic performance AND dramatically reduce their chances of injury (an epidemic with youth sports these days).

Here are a few details about his extensive background as a coach:

  • He has been the Strength & Conditioning Coach for dozens of Olympic and National Team athletes from multiple sports.
  • He has also worked with thousands of athletes throughout Ohio and the Midwest; ranging in age from 8 years old through seniors in high school preparing for their first collegiate season.
  • Many of his college athletes come back to work with Jeff during holidays and all summer.
  • Jeff was the first Strength & Conditioning Coach in Major League Soccer. He trained the Columbus Crew for five seasons, culminating in 2002 with their US Open Cup victory.
  • He is one of only six MovNat Certification Team Instructors in the World.
  • Jeff has accumulated so many certifications and credentials over 25 years that it’s an alphabet soup after his name – far too many to list here. Plus, as he’ll tell you –  all that matters are the results he can produce (and trust us, he can deliver).

Side Note: It’s a family affair: All three of his children are trainers (We’ve thrilled to have Coach Rachel Turner on our HFF team)!

You owe it to your junior athlete to contact Jeff for a free consultation. You can learn more about his Athletic Development Academy and other services by Clicking HERE

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