Holistic Weight Loss

The Key to Successful Long Term Weight Loss

The diet and weight loss industry in this country is worse than
a scam. Not only are they taking your money for crash diet plans
and sketchy supplements, but they are also destroying your health
with each additional round of yo-yo dieting, “magic pill” or
insane workout routine they advocate. There is a better way, and
we’d like to share it with you.

Most people have the mindset that they need to lose weight in order
to be more healthy. Our 30 years of experience has indicated the
exact opposite to be true:

Strive to become healthier first, and you will lose the extra weight
easily as a side effect.

There is no shortage of “fast and furious” weight loss schemes out there.
These often involve eliminating entire food groups, eating only a couple
of foods, not eating at all (fasting), or eating very low calories and
exercising at high intensities multiple times a day. Most of these are
totally short-sighted. They will indeed result in some temporary weight
loss. However, hundreds of studies have shown that only 5% of dieters are
able to keep the weight from coming back. It is these types of approaches
that are primarily to blame for this sky-high failure rate.

Despite the claims of these weight loss gurus, it is their plan that has
set you up for failure. Their plans are designed to fail, yet they point
the finger at YOU as the failure (you didn’t follow the program). A 95%
failure rate means that something is inherently wrong with these programs.

At The Human Form, we take a holistic approach to weight loss. We will
not appeal to your emotional triggers and tell you that you’ll lose 15
pounds in 15 days. We won’t sell you 20 supplements designed to “boost
your metabolism”. And we won’t shock your body with brutal workouts that
cause you to vomit.

Instead, we will use a systematic approach based on your comprehensive
assessment, current health conditions, goals and aspirations, and
your personality and mindset. We will coach you on a healthful and
energy-increasing nutrition plan. NOTE: You will be eating real food. We
will address the myriad of other bodily systems and stressors that can
result in less than optimal health and weight gain. It’s more than
just the calories in – calories out equation. And we will design appropriate
exercise routines that train, but don’t drain your body.

It is our passion to coach people on what REAL health and wellness feels
like, and how to get to and live in that state of being.

Excess weight is merely a symptom. Focusing on symptoms is short-sighted.
You will have far better and long lasting results by correcting the underlying
root causes. We’d love to assist you on that journey.

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