Holistic Fitness Workouts & Memberships

Small Group Personal Training Sessions (1 to 5 members/1 coach)

  • The best elements of private one-on-one coaching and group training
  • Functional Strength Training to build lean muscle
  • Metabolic Conditioning to enhance endurance and burn fat
  • Detailed, personalized instruction for every member with every exercise
  • Education – learn how to transform your body safely and effectively… and have fun along the way!

Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) Sessions

MetCon Essentials (up to 12 members/1 coach)

  • Introduction to our Fun, Fast-Paced and Dynamic Metabolic Conditioning Sessions
  • Alternate between strength training exercises and higher-intensity cardio stations
  • Rev-up your endurance and burn body fat
  • Utilize fun tools such as TRX Straps, Medicine Balls, Bikes, Ropes, Sleds and more
  • Smaller coach/member ratio ensures you can train hard AND safe

MetCon Evolution (up to 24 members/1-2 coaches)

  • Our “Graduate Level” Metabolic Conditioning Sessions
  • Advanced strength training exercises and shorter rest intervals
  • Note: New members must be approved before attending their first Evolution workout

Small Group Training Memberships

Private Training Memberships

Although our Small Group Personal Training format is an ideal choice for the majority of our members, we do have a limited option for people who need or prefer to work privately one-on-one with a coach. This service is only available during specific days/times. These three-month memberships include our larger group MetCon Conditioning Sessions.

Four Private Sessions a Month (+ 4 MetCon Group Sessions)  – $450/month

Eight Private Sessions a Month (+ 4 MetCon Group Sessions) – $900/month

Non-Membership Option

Program Design

  • An excellent option for the independent exerciser who prefers to work out at their own club or home gym.
  •  HF Clinical Assessment 
  • Personalized Corrective Routine and Strength Workouts
  • Private one-on-one instructional sessions
  • Diagrams and descriptions and/or videos of all exercises
  • New workout programs designed every 8-10 weeks

Initial Investment: $599

  • HF Assessment
  • Review of Findings
  • Design of Corrective & Workout Programs
  • 3 Private Training Sessions
  • Workout Folder

New Programs: $299

  • Design of New Exercise Programs
  • 2 Private Training Sessions
  • Workout Folder

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