“I Knew I Had Found What I Was Looking For…”

From my initial assessments to the first run through of my new exercise program and individualized nutrition plan, I knew I had found exactly what I had been looking for. As a fitness instructor, I consider myself an athlete. Unfortunately, I was (and continue to be) very stubborn about what it means to train (and eat) like a “good” athlete. With other programs, when I didn’t get the results I wanted, I’d assume that the problem was me…that I wasn’t working hard enough. It never occurred to me that part of the problem was that the programs I’d been given hadn’t been designed specifically ’s needs.

Part of my training with The Human Form continues to be undoing all of the bad habits, muscular imbalances, and mindset that I’ve developed from the one- size- fits- all programs and exercises that I’ve done throughout the years. I’m also learning how to not work out when I’m tired or sick and focus on quality exercises designed for my body rather than multiple sets of generic exercises. Now, instead of spending hours every day at the gym, I can get a good quality workout done in an hour and get on with my life. And when I leave the gym, I feel energized. In the old days, I’d leave the gym exhausted and dreading the next day’s workout. (Don’t get me wrong,  all of the HFF programs are hard work!).

Jennifer Brandt LISW, PhD.
Columbus, OH

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