“The Acceptance is Heart-Warming, and the Enthusiasm is Contagious”

“Thank you to the HF staff for this chance to share my gratitude. First, an HF High Five to Michelle and Jeff for their encouragement and unfailing support in getting me to buy my first gym membership as I turned 59 six months ago. The instruction and diligent supervision has kept me making progress without injury. The guidance in developing the form that keeps me safe as I raise my goals has built my confidence and helped me find my “glutes”, “hammies”, and some other muscles I didn’t know I had. I feel lucky to have found a place where professionalism, energy, and light-hearted humor are the foundation for every workout…and some classic rock, of course.
When I hobbled in last November after a challenging hike with my children, I just wanted to keep walking for the next ten years. I watched in awe as people in my group pulled and pushed weights their size while moving themselves through each set with beautiful alignment. Most lovely to me was that everyone I met offered me assistance and a friendly smile. No judgment, just everyone working their own plan to potential. The acceptance was heart-warming, and the enthusiasm was contagious. When I lost a friend in April, I took a break but found I was missing my gym time…not just the exercise. My community of HF’ers and the reliable positive start to my day had become a wonderful, trusted habit.
I have learned from yoga that whatever is “steady, relaxed, aligned ….in body, breath, and mind” is yoga and renewing to the spirit. THANK YOU to my fellow HF’ers for the chance to be part of a healthy, healing community and discover strength I didn’t know I had. I look forward to sharing the inspiration and kindness you have given me with other HFF’ers in the future!”
Lee Shackelford
Columbus, OH
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