“Produced Results I Wasn’t Getting On My Own”

Stephen’s advice and direction were just what I needed to reinvigorate my interest in fitness and weight training and produce the results that I wasn’t getting on my own.  Since that first program, Stephen has developed numerous weight training programs for me. Each program lasts for about six weeks after which time Stephen develops a new program for me. I then schedule a training session with Stephen. During these periodic sessions, Stephen goes over each exercise with me to ensure that I understand how to execute each movement with proper form and that I am comfortable with the overall program. The programs are innovative, very challenging, and definitely produce results. I am constantly impressed with Stephen’s ability to identify exercises that are new to me.  Everyone who workouts with him seem to  smile, laugh, and genuinely enjoy their sessions. This is because not only is Stephen a very professional, well-educated, and obviously extremely knowledgeable trainer, but he also is a very warm and caring person who takes a real interest in his clients’ well-being. I would highly recommend Stephen’s services to anyone regardless of their level of experience.

Ernie Stall
Columbus, OH

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