“We Feel So Much Healthier And Happier”

“We came to Human Form at different times for different reasons…

Kim: I first came to Human Form to work with Michelle 5 years ago after suffering a back injury while playing tennis.  We spent about 8 months working together to get me back to a place where I was feeling strong and healthy enough to do the things I wanted to do.  I reconnected with Michelle in the early summer of 2015 and was excited to check out their small group training option.  I was still struggling with ongoing lower back pain and occasional shoulder issues.  In addition, my energy was low and I was starting to struggle with some digestive issues.

During my first three months, the coaches held me back from the advanced exercises I was used to doing on my own and had me spend time getting strong and stable with their “foundational movement patterns”. While this was initially frustrating, they constantly assured me that it was much better to master perfect form and always remain pain-free before graduating to something more complicated.  As always, they were right!  I can’t take credit for the patience, but it was definitely the way to go, as it established a really solid foundation on which to build.  Now I feel so strong and am totally confident as I progress into harder exercises and bigger challenges.  (Jeff, next up…pull ups!!).

I decided to tackle the nutrition piece by participating in a Whole 30 with a bunch of other Human Formers, in the hopes that it would address low energy levels and digestive issues.  It seemed food-related, but I just couldn’t put the pieces together.  As a result of the Whole 30 experience and with some encouragement from Michelle and James, I decided to try a functional medicine approach.  This resulted in a huge diet change that has really improved my health dramatically.  I would have never gotten to this place without the guidance, encouragement, and recommendations of the entire team at Human Form.

So, bottom line…  I’ve lost a good amount of weight, gained a lot of muscle, have more energy, and feel so much healthier and happier.  And to top it all off I have made some great friends!  Thank you, Stephen, Michelle, James, Jeff, Haleigh, and Cam!  You are the best!”

John: “I came to Human Form about a year and a half ago.  I had never been to a gym of any kind with any consistency and had always preferred to do my own thing for exercise (mostly cardio…and eating potato chips).  After some “encouragement” from Kim and some other Human Formers, I decided to give it a try.  I appreciated the individual assessment that was done up front to address my posture, biomechanics and muscle imbalances and then to customize the routines to me personally.  While I was initially a bit reluctant because I felt I didn’t “need” any help working out, I can now say that I truly have loved coming to The Human Form.  The instructors are terrific; the personalized program has really taught me how to do things properly and helped me make more progress than I could have done on my own.  But most of all, it’s a fun workout environment with a great community of members.  Except for Pat… I’ve never liked Pat.  And Dave is really loud in the morning.  And Brad is always bitching about how sore he is.  But I like it anyway.  Really LOL”

Kim & John Kadlic
Columbus, OH

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