“This Group of Experts Does it Right”

Since just recently moving to Columbus, I was looking for a couple key environments I wanted to insert myself into to maximize my new home’s experience. Human Form Fitness has gone above and beyond with filling that need with a customized, new workout experience and healthy lifestyle priority! I specifically was in search of a gym concentrating on proper technique while maximizing fitness gains and I am lucky enough to have found the right place early on. With previous minor sports injuries, doing things the right way is very important to me and the people working here make it their priority to do the same.

One thing I find very unique and imperative in the HFF process is progressing from stages of difficulty of a particular exercise based on your own personal results. I found this made me confident in complex movements that, at one point, I was hesitant to perform. As a healthcare myself, this group of experts does it right!

Brett Stefan, D.C., MS
Columbus, OH

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