HF gave me a whole new perspective on ‘gym’ workouts

“When I started Human Form, I had some running injuries that were making it very difficult to run any distance. I’ve been with Human Form for about a year and a half now and as I write this, I’m a week out from running another marathon (my second since joining)! Like any aging long-distance runner, I’ve always known that adding strength training to my routine would help prevent injuries, but until now, other gyms just did not work for me.

I was really nervous starting Human Form and said to Lauren Miller, “just think of me as a gym Kindergartener!” Since that day, all the coaches have built up my strength and my confidence. They help me perform the exercises correctly so that I don’t injure myself. I can feel a difference in my abilities and look forward to the sessions, instead of dreading them as I always did in other gyms. Most importantly, I am not intimidated when I walk into HF, because everyone is so kind. Human Form has given me a whole new perspective on ‘gym’ workouts, and I love the sense of community that they’ve cultivated.

When I’m not working out or running, I work as a learning & development consultant. I have two sons in their twenties and two senior dogs (80s?). I love traveling, hiking or walking, and just being outdoors. Not so healthy indulgences: I love beer, French fries, dark chocolate, and coffee, to name just a few! Those make the short list.”

Leslie McLain
Columbus, OH

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