“HF Fosters A Sense Of Community And Belonging”

“It came down to one decision.  Do I open the door with the Human Form logo prominently displayed at eye level or do I walk back to my car and drive home?

Spoiler alert: I opened the door.

I’ve been doing yoga since my early twenties and my bike was my mode of transportation and form of recreation for the same length of time.  So I considered myself in pretty good shape, but I wasn’t exactly happy with life or my physical abilities.  I joined HFF to get stronger and to change my body composition.

Some people might join a gym and then comment on the inches gained or lost, improved posture, or the number of squats they can do in 20 seconds; while I have seen inches go and my has posture improved, I think the most significant changes for me haven’t been physical.

Since joining HF in August and making the commitment to working out three days a week, my depression has become much more manageable.  So much so that I decided to use exercise, diet, self-care, talk therapy and a light box to help manage the lows and (with the approval of my therapist) I am no longer reliant on antidepressants.

Furthermore, I feel like the environment at HF fosters a sense of community and belonging. The knowledgeable and personable coaches keep me wanting to come back and the members are friendly, funny, and welcoming.  I even met one of my close friends here (Hey, Chicken!)

But beyond this gym family, HF and functional strength training have given me a tremendous feeling of confidence that creeps into all aspects of my life and has helped me cope with work, life, and even the aforementioned depression.

So if you’re looking for motivation it comes down to one decision.  Are you going to open the HFF door and choose this adventure?”

Maria Vianello
Columbus, OH

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