“HF Is Nothing Short Of Magical”

For many, many years I fought with all my might to NOT join a “Gym”. I was a runner and that is all I thought I needed to take care of my body.  Also, there was NO way that I was going to go to a “Big Box” Gym and try to figure out what I was doing all on my own.  As the years caught up with me, I found my body falling apart from focusing on one activity.

I think it was a Tuesday morning when at 45, I did my morning “Crawl” out of bed with aches and pains throughout my entire body that I finally picked up the phone and told Stephen I wanted to change my life.

It took less than 5 minutes with Stephen for me to realize that HF was the place where I wanted to change my attitude, my reluctance for new experiences and the way I felt about my body. I am fairly confident that I peppered him with no less than 100 questions during our initial assessment. He was probably thinking “What did I get myself into!?”   The answers he gave me actually made sense!  I was IMMEDIATELY hooked.  I wanted to go… full speed ahead.

I remember going through the results of my initial analysis with Stephen and quickly realized that this was going to be a journey and not a sprint.  We discussed my goals and set up a plan that would be challenging for me, yet structured in a way where I wouldn’t kill myself in the process.

I’ll never forget looking at the progress I made in just the first 12 weeks.  I had transformed my entire body. My flexibility, my posture, my body fat, my energy levels; ALL of them had changed dramatically.

HF – The facilities, the people, the other members, the culture; all of these are second to none.  I wish everyone had the ability to just give it a try. I am so incredibly impressed with what Michelle, Stephen, James, and the gang have created…..it’s nothing short of magical.

Jamie Baird
Columbus, OH

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