“It Has Changed My Life”

“Exercise? Me? Never!! Oh a few trips to the YWCA riding a cycle for 30 minutes, bored out of my mind. Then my friend Mandy Miller told me about Human Form and how it had changed her life – she lost weight, gained strength and found a new lifestyle.

Huh? Me? My birth certificate says I’m 76 (and a half!) even though my head tells me I’m 30! My body was also that of an elder! It’s too late for me, I’m too old.

“Give it a try!” said Mandy.

So I did.

Well, it has changed my life. The biggest change came after around 4 months when I realized my blood sugar was getting too low. I’d been on insulin for about 10 years. Doc said lower the dose – well I lowered it so much that I no longer take it! Doc says I’m still diabetic but my fat which stores insulin has decreased and I’ve added muscle which improves my sugar – Yeah!!

And I’m addicted to exercise at Human Form. Why? I think the biggest reason is the personal approach taken by the wonderful staff. My knee hurts? Well, kneel on a cushion. Back hurts with squats, try it this way. Shoulder not working, well let’s do this. They know all my aches and pains and they make it possible for me to do the exercises that have changed my life physically and mentally.

I’ve been going for almost 9 months and have only missed classes when I was out of the country. Sure, there are mornings that I wake up and think I don’t want to go to class. But I do. And am always so glad that I did!

Another benefit is the introduction to healthy eating through the Whole 30 program. My attitude toward food has totally changed and it’s amazing how much I don’t miss the foods I thought I could never give up – like bagels! I’ve lost 15 pounds since I started Human Form and my new attitude toward food is something I would never have believed I could attain. Cholesterol, triglycerides, A1C and more – all within normal range. My Doc is as amazed as I am!

I tell all my friends that you’re never too old to get rid of bad habits and develop good ones. And thanks to Human Form, that’s exactly what’s happened to me!!”

Marian Harris
Columbus, OH

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