“I’ve Learned to Workout the Right Way”

How long have you been a HF member?

A little over 1 year.

Help us get to know you – tell us a little about your background, family, or interests.

I am from Cincinnati, but have lived in Columbus, OH since 2012. On the weekends I enjoy exploring the Columbus Metro Parks with my boyfriend, Michael. I love to be outdoors in the sunshine, on the water, hiking or on my bike!

Why did you join The Human Form?

I joined the Human Form because I was looking for a gym where I could walk in and have the workouts planned for me. I wanted a high-quality workout for the time I was putting in. At the HF, immediately felt welcomed, never self-conscious and each coach took the time to teach me proper technique, so I learned the right way to workout.

What has changed since you started with us?

My workouts have become an important part of my routine and I genuinely look forward to the going to the gym. I am more comfortable around weights and learned I love pushing a weighted sled!

Why should others join the party?

The staff at the Human Form is incredibly accommodating to personal needs, has taken necessary precautions to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and is a wonderful community to immerse yourself in. They have recently started helping me with a weak ankle issue and I participated in their whole30 group!

What is the single most valuable things you have gained by being a member of The Human Form community?

I have gained confidence, knowledge and am living a more high-quality life thanks to the Human Form.

Alex Harter
Columbus, OH

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