“Right Combination Of Creativity And Science”

I have been working out for nearly 20 years and always felt that I should have more results for my hard work. I also began suffering from intermittent back pain. After hearing and seeing some impressive techniques and exercises by Paul Chek, I decided to investigate possible CHEK practitioners in my area. Stephen had CHEK training and I saw immediate results from the program he put together, which included several different techniques (not just Chek). He really focused on helping me build a stronger structure, not just building muscle. Happily I’ve been able to do both. I’ve had a million questions for him each time I see him and he either has the answers or investigates them for me. I’ve had him design and demonstrate a number of different programs for me. I take what I learn to my own gym and use them. Now I use Stephen as my fitness “consultant” three or four times a year to get “refreshers” on technique and to get new ideas for what to change or add to my fitness program. Finally after 20 years I found in Stephen the right combination of creativity and science to make my training productive and reach my goals.

Michael Hampton
Columbus, OH

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