“A Whole New World Of Health And Fitness”

Stephen introduced me to a whole new world of health and fitness. As a cardio queen, my main focus was primarily on aerobic activity, believing that this would keep me thin and lean. How wrong I was. When Stephen exposed me to focusing more on weight training, core stability exercises and nutrition, I saw and felt a dramatic change both externally (with my body) and mentally. In addition, his workouts included many specific functional exercises, providing me with an increased body awareness

Stephen has an incredible work ethic. I admire the time and effort that Stephen puts into his research. He commits himself to individualizing his programs to meet the wants and needs of each individual client. As a physical therapist, I can certainly appreciate his detailed attention to proper technique and form. And equally as important as Stephen’s professionalism, he has a very warm-hearted character which makes him approachable and well liked by all.

Michelle A. Grisvard
Columbus, OH

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