“One Of The Best Things I Have Ever Done For Myself”

I began training with Human Form about four years ago, and it was one of the best things that I have ever done for myself – I have never been in such good condition or felt as good about my body ’abilities. I give them full credit for my success.  They see to it that my workouts are never boring. This is accomplished with innovative exercises and humor. I am always surprised when the session is over. With former trainers, I was always looking at the clock. Now, instead of dreading my workouts, I actually look forward to them.  As I get older my attention span seems to get shorter. At times it seems I have no ability to focus at all. No one knows this better than the Human Form coaches! Somehow, they keep me focused with innovated routines, encouragement and a sense of humor.

What makes HFF so special is that they sincerely care about the well being of their clients..

Susan Gillen
Columbus, OH

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