The Joy of Functional Fitness

If you are reading this message, you are either one of my fellow “Human Formers” or someone who is considering joining our fitness community.   My story is not about a dramatic overnight transformation – my journey with Human Form has lasted an amazing 17+ years.  

What does Human Form mean to me?  At age 55, my body does amazing things for me.  Its strong, it’s pain-free (most of the time) and it allows me to pursue the active lifestyle that my husband Todd (also a Human Former) and I love.  

My personal goal is to maintain the ability to be physically active in the decades to come.  For me, that means comfortably taking long beach walks and hikes in beautiful places, swimming, paddling, scuba diving and adventure travel.  Nothing dramatic or heroic but the ability to relax, enjoy the world and count on my body to be there for me when I need it

In my work life, Human Form workouts help me manage stress and bring the energy and focus to a job I love.  I work out three times a week in small group classes and join the Saturday Evolution class (which is fantastic).   When I travel Human Form goes with me. Michelle has made some fabulous travel workouts that I can complete using just a TRX and a palm tree (which are some of my favorites).  I also love my fellow “Human Formers” and the welcoming community that I work out with each week. We genuinely care about each other and celebrate fitness (and personal) successes both large and small.  This is really a special place.  

Thankfully I don’t live with any significant medical problem but chronic issues with my knees could have side-lined me long-ago.  Thanks to Human Form, I’ve incorporated personalized stretching, balance and strength work into my workouts to keep my knees flexible, functional and pain-free.  When knee pain does flare up, Human Form steps in to adapt my workout and still build power and mobility. It feels wonderful to have a strong, pain-free body. It’s also wonderful to have reached an age where I clearly understand my motivations and what’s important to me in the long-haul.  

I’ve known Michelle and Stephen Ladd for nearly two decades.  I met them when they were two passionate, brilliant fitness coaches who had a wonderful idea; create a fitness studio built around personalized attention and a focus on functional fitness.   They and their amazingly talented team of trainers have guided me through my fitness journey with a personalized approach that has meant so much. Human Form has been there for me through tough emotional points in my life, injuries (a torn Achilles Tendon in 2016) and so much more.  What I love about the entire Human Form team is their passion for life-long learning. They are constantly reading, studying and gaining new insights on every aspect of mind, body and spirit. If you have a problem, they are the “MacGyver’s” of fitness. They will work with you and they never give up on you!

So that’s my story – no dramatic turn-around or “reveal”, just a “Functional, Happy Human” squeezing the stuffin’s out of this wonderful life.  Sound good to you? Me too! 

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