“The Real Magic is the Support”

“I joined the Human Form seven years ago, at a point when I had been focusing on my mind and spirit and was ready to incorporate more of my body. I knew I wanted to work with trainers who had a holistic approach to fitness and was ready to invest in a small group personal training gym. Going to big box gyms in the past, left to my own devices, I always felt overwhelmed, confused, and intimidated. Was I supposed to do leg day, did I need to do 30 minutes of cardio (which I hated), am I doing this right? Or attending a group fitness bootcamp class and feeling incapable of keeping up and intimidated to return. Plus, I had a hard time making the commitment to show up. I needed some external accountability.

I was sold after my first day walking into the Human Form and not seeing tons of cardio! But the real magic is the support I’ve felt. After a thoughtful and thorough assessment, I experienced so much relief having a coach orient me to the workouts the first few days. Coaching me how to feel in my body when I’m using proper form and starting with where I’m at made me feel capable. I love knowing that I can get a complete workout in less than an hour. It’s very sustainable. This was my first gym experience where I left a workout actually feeling competent, and looking forward to coming back, rather than dreading it.

Everyone at the Human Form, coaches, and other members, create a community of trust and support. My confidence has increased knowing my coaches always have my back, I can leave my worries at the door, and know they aren’t going to ask me to do something that they don’t already believe I can do. I’ve built meaningful friendships, feel stronger in my body, and am so much more knowledgeable about optimizing my health in body, mind, and spirit.

I’ve learned so much from the coaches, the monthly education boards, group Whole 30 challenges, and additional workshops. My perspective on fitness and wellness has widened and become much clearer. They’ve become my trusted resources for most of my wellness questions, and when looking for referrals.

If you’ve felt overwhelmed and confused by all the contradictory info in the fitness and wellness industry, and really want to feel supported in optimizing your health, the Human Form is the place for you.”

Lauren Emond
Columbus, OH

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