“There’s Definitely Something Special Here”

“I’m allergic to exercise…. Seriously!

I developed a health condition a few years ago which leads to hives and crushing fatigue when I get too hot or push the cardio too hard. But given complex health issues, I knew I needed to reintroduce exercise into my life, build strength, improve my posture and lose weight to stay healthy and energetic. Human Form has been the ideal place to help accomplish all my goals. I found Human Form through James (I was searching the web for people trained in Postural Restoration). Initially, in the fall of 2017, I struggled to even attend once a week, but everyone kept encouraging me. Now I’m often there three times a week, and I’m doing more and more. The knowledgeable and kind trainers have kept me on track and supported me in the frustrating process of going two steps forward and one step back. The structure and community provided by classes, alongside customization of the program to each individual (like personal training) gave me the perfect framework to start the process and stay committed.

By spring I began to adjust my diet as well. Over the past year I’ve lost 50 pounds (12 more to go), and gained energy, stamina and self-confidence – it’s great! I truly feel like a different person. It’s like I’ve recovered my 30-year old self J. I love the community here and look forward to my classes now. And as I look at the stronger and more advanced members exercising, I look forward to the potential I have still to realize. I’ve exercised many places in the past, but there’s definitely something special here.

Columbus, OH

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