Therapeutic Hypnosis

The Instantly Thin: Hypnosis For Weight Loss System

This System is for you if you fit the following criteria:

  1. You are 10 or more pounds overweight
  2. You have tried all the diets, but you tend to sabotage yourself
  3. You feel motivated and excited when you start an exercise plan, but somehow “fall off the wagon”
  4. You are frustrated with the extra weight you are carrying, and know that it’s hurting both your health and your golf performance.

If this sounds like you (and/or maybe your spouse), then I personally guarantee that with this System, you will find it easier to shed your extra weight than your previous attempts.

Because this time, you are going to “train your brain” for permanent weight loss success.

Instantly Thin: The Hypnosis Weight Loss Solution with Advanced Hypno-Therapist Bill Gladwell.

This System has a retail value of 197.00. But as a Human Form/Renegade Golf V.I.P, you have access to it free of charge. We are dedicated to assisting you in any way we can, and this is one of the perks of being on our team.

Starting your new exercise plan will be relatively simple (we’ll lay it all out for you)… but sticking with a healthy eating program can seem like a daunting journey. You know, having to constantly use self discipline and will-power, and feeling deprived of certain foods.

We’re here to tell you that will-power is overrated, and you can easily stick with an exercise plan and attain (and maintain) your ideal weight.

All you need to do is free yourself of sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, and get out of your own way.

Using a mix of Social Dynamics, hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, and his proven method for losing weight, Bill will coach you to success. Bill will help you to…

  • Truly enjoy healthy foods
  • Forget about food cravings
  • End the cycle of emotional eating
  • Look forward to exercising each day
  • Lose weight easily and without deprivation, and
    Attain your Perfect Weight and maintain it for life.

This Advanced System is easy to use – just sit back and listen to one of the MP3 Audio tracks once a day. Each session is only about 20 minutes long.

Click on the links below to access each of your Therapeutic Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions:

Module 1 – Hypnotic Weight Loss Introduction

Module 2 – Commit For Life

Module 3 – Perfect Weight

Module 4 – Optimum Metabolism

Module 5 – Stop Emotional Eating

Module 6 – Cut The Cravings

Module 7 – Commit To Be Fit

NOTE: To download these sessions to your computer or mobile audio device, simply Right Click on the link, then “Save As” or “Download Linked File As” and then choose where you wish to save the MP3 audio file.

Stress Less Hypnosis Session

These days we are hit from all angles with different forms of stress – physical, mental/emotional, environmental, toxins in our food and water supply etc, etc.

The majority of us live in a constant low level “fight or flight” state.

This has detrimental long term effects are our health and well-being.

There are some types of stress that we have very little control over. It would take moving to a remote mountain top to avoid some of the toxins in our everyday environment.

However, the way that we perceive and react to stress is within our control to a great degree. And this can reduce the overall Stress Load to a point that we don’t suffer the negative consequences – depression, fatigue, weight gain, irritability, headaches to name just a few.

There are many ways to promote a more Parasympathetic response to stress. The practices of meditation and yoga are two great examples that we would encourage you to give some consideration.

But there is a simple practice that you can begin right away!

The link at the bottom of this page is a FREE Stress-Less Hypnosis session.

The user instructions are quite simple:

  1. Download the MP3 to you computer and/or Ipod.
  2. Using headphones, sit back, relax and listen to the session.
  3. Repeat this once a day for at least 14 days.
  4. Notice how different you begin to feel in your everyday life and your reaction to stress. It is always interesting to ask family and co-workers if they notice a difference, as they often see it before you might perceive it in yourself.

Click HERE to download your Stress Less Hypnosis Session

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