Top Ten Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Stephen

1) Stephen studied Philosophy and Psychology at Miami University and then Comparative Religions (Buddhism focus) in graduate school.

2) Stephen dropped out of law school… twice; once from UCLA after two weeks, and once from Capital University after two hours.

3) Stephen was once a hippie with long hair down to his waist; and a “radical” vegan for 12 years.

4) Stephen lived in a Buddhist monastery for two months… in silence.

5) Stephen once competed in a bodybuilding show – yep, skimpy swimsuit, spray tan and all that jazz.

6) Between the ages of 40-45, Stephen ran long distance trail races. His last race was the North Face 50 Mile Championship in the mountains of northern California.

7) Stephen spent a year studying in Europe, and is completely illiterate in several languages including Spanish, German, Russian, Luxembourgish, and English.

8) Stephen taught English as a Second Language (ESL) to hundreds of people throughout South East Asia – god help them.

9) Stephen has created alternative sports psychology products for 6 different markets and sold them to customers in 67 countries.

10) Stephen is HUGE in Japan. But then again, anyone over 6 feet tall is huge in Japan.

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