Top Ten Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Cameron

1) I only have one cat, which makes me a total feline novice compared to the rest of the HFF staff.
2). I dressed up as a pumpkin for Halloween when I was 4 years old. For some reason, my dad still has the costume and a picture of it displayed in his house. I’m never going to live that one down…
3). When I was younger I refused to drink anything except strawberry milk. Luckily, I grew out of that phase. Last year I added chocolate milk to the agenda.
4). I love to snow ski – my favorites are Park City, Utah, Vail Colorado and Jackson Hole Wyoming. You could say that skiing is in my genes; my mom’s dad skied in the 1936 Olympics, and my uncles were Olympic ski jump judges.
5). I have a huge passion for cars, and can name the model and year of any car based off the headlights in my rear view mirror. Any HFF members up for the challenge?
6). I am currently studying to become a Licensed Massage Therapist (graduation October). I look forward to adding these skills to my toolbox, and to further be able to assist people in living pain-free and active lives.
7). I suffer from Trypanophobia (fear of needles), which is why I have debated getting a tattoo for many years, or even taking up knitting.
8). I also suffer from Aviophobia (fear of flying). I still travel by plane, but it can be quite a scene i.e. sweating like crazy and crying like a baby on the shoulder of a friend (or even a stranger, if I’m flying alone).
9). One of my favorite things to do is go on long walks. I know; it sounds like I’m creating an on-line dating profile…
10). I’m currently in the “pre-contemplative phase” in regards to quitting coffee. If I’m not at the studio, you can usually find me at Stauf’s (thinking about quitting coffee… tomorrow).

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