Top Ten (or so) Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Haleigh

I have always worked 2-3 jobs at the same time in various fields from tanning salons, car detailing, restaurants, and retail, to nursing homes, physical therapy and chiropractic clinics while also going to school at the same time for multiple years of my life… And still don’t know what I want to do when I “grow up”

I was in a car accident 10 years ago. I broke my pelvis and fractured some vertebrae in my back. That is how I ended up in the massage, therapy/rehab and fitness industry instead of stuck behind a desk doing graphic design. Looking back I’m glad for the accident because it (eventually) led me here! I’d probably be hating that desk job given fact that I thoroughly enjoy torturing you all here so much. SQUEEZE YOUR GLUTES!

Besides working at HFF I also get to pursue another passion of mine by cooking for Food By Bel! Where I still get paid to wear yoga pants but add on a hair net and crank up the volume cause while I prepare and cook healthy meals for delivery all over Columbus I’m most definitely dancing around the kitchen to Ellie Goulding, Drake or EDM music. (stuff I don’t get to listen to at the gym)

In high school I was a year round cheerleader, club gymnast, track runner (one miserable year) an art/photography club member, in show choir, french club, yearbook staff and FCCLA and through all of these “accomplishments” it ended up getting me voted biggest hall roamer in our senior superlatives.

I grew up with tons of dogs, my parents used to breed and train English Pointers. I even had three dogs (Carter, Louie and Bernie). I was a crazy dog mom. But not as crazy as my step-dad, who loved dogs (and hated cats) so much that he taught me to say “cat” as “kitty-kitty boom-boom” (sorry to my cat obsessed HFF co-workers)

Speaking of my crazy step-dad, I have had 5 step parents and a total 8 step siblings that are no longer legally family anymore. However, I am the big sister to 2 half siblings whom I’m very close with.

In second grade I shaved my eyebrows off. No reason. My mom couldn’t even punish me because she laughed every time she saw me and said that going around looking like that was punishment enough.

I am an amateur grape juice collector. Actually, it’s wine.. I make wine.

For about 12 years my dad owned a farm and our animals were cows, emus (yes, the big bird) and then sheep for a while, and I used to show them at fair in middle school. I was heartbroken when I learned that after showing them, they would be sold to market where they’d be killed. But have you ever had lamb chops? Delicious.

I LOVE FOOD. Like, IN LOVE, and it’s a serious relationship… when I eat amazing food I’m likely doing happy dances, shimming or utter sounds of deep satisfaction and delight. Oh wait, are we still talking about food?

I’ve consulted many dentists, it’s been confirmed that all of my 32 teeth are sweet. I still floss regularly though!

In 6th grade I was the tallest girl in my class and played basketball (LOL) …. And then I never grew again. My grandma says that God only lets things grow until they’re perfect… I guess I just didn’t take as long as everyone else did! (I’m 5’ 1 ¾ “ if you must know)

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