Top Ten Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Jeff

  • I am the only person that I know who has more cats than Stephen and Michelle.


  • In 6th grade I broke my arm skateboarding. My sister told all my friends that I did it while doing double-dutch jump rope. My street cred and self-image were forever ruined.


  • I really hate recreational badminton. What is that – crappy tennis??


  • I have OCD tendencies. For example, I never made it to my senior prom. By time I got my suit pressed and the dimple in my tie juuuuuuust right, it was 11:45pm. My date was furious, but I looked dope.


  • I’ve never eaten dragon fruit, sushi, strawberries, or even had chocolate milk. Heck, it would easier to list the 11 foods that I have eaten. So, I’m picky…


  • I bought my first motorcycle without having ever driven one. I taught myself how to ride it, but I still can’t drive a stick shift.


  • When I was on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic our “chaperone” took us cliff diving in an illegal area. The police chased us up the mountain side and the only motivation to jump was “You either jump or get a fine” So, we all jumped. (Don’t cliff dive on Catalina Island)


  • I took six years of Spanish and still can’t even ask “Do you speak English?” in Spanish.


  • I used to think electrical outlets were candy dispensers. I would stick coins in them expecting candy or toys. My dad got tired of yelling at me to stop so he let me stick a quarter in one, and I was electrocuted. That was Christmas 2014…


  • I have a custom fitted superhero suit. So, if you happen to see Deadpool around town… probably not me; as I only wear it while I eat breakfast at home alone.
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