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“I’m NOT a Gym Person…”

That was always my excuse. For years I did solo exercises like running or cycling. I had the dedication to train for a marathon or a century but even though it would have made me better in the saddle or on the run, I avoided the gym. “Just not my thing,” I would tell myself. A few attempts at various gyms only served to affirm my opinion. Then a combination of injury from a marathon, age and lifestyle simply caught up to me. Putting on weight led to more injury while running and the cycle continued. I reluctantly joined Human Form at the urging of my wife who is a member. It was a struggle. In my mind, I was still not a ‘gym person’ and this was an interim thing until I could get back to the long solo hours on the road. When it came to fitness, I was my own worst enemy.

The staff and facilities at The Human Form changed me. In the past year, I have dropped about 20 lbs. and reduced by body fat by 5%. More importantly, I love going to the gym and look forward to ‘gym days.’

The Human Form has excellent staff. What I appreciate most is flexibility. I am still battling foot injuries and they have been able to adapt any exercise to something often even more challenging without missing a beat. They also keeping upping the challenge of each workout in ways that make me feel “gains” every session. As someone skewed toward more endurance activities, it has always been easy to drop into a zone and just exercise on autopilot. The attentiveness of the staff during group workouts doesn’t let that happen and pushes me to work harder and better. The flexibility is also great when I would go 4-5 days a week so that there was effectively no repetition of exercises.

All of this is accomplished with a supportive and engaging attitude that extends not only from the staff but from the client base as well. The Human Form has cultivated an environment of community across all levels. It is social and individual as one needs it to be. In short, the community at The Human Form changed my mind about gyms.”