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The Human Form Community is strong, and our members are passionate about their time and experiences with us. See what they have to say.

What They Say About Us


“I No Longer Assume I Can’t Do Something”

To say that The Human Form has made a difference in my life over this past year is, to put it mildly, an understatement. I came into our initial arrangement with enthusiasm, but it was enveloped in a heavy coating of well-earned skepticism. I had soooo much weight to lose. Plus, I was saddled with […]

Bryant Miller

“What I Found Wasn’t a Gym; It Was a Community”

“I came to The Human Form completely broken, inside and out, and they saved me. Physically, I have a rare birth condition that makes everyday tasks difficult and causes chronic pain throughout my body. Emotionally, I’ve battled anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and self-image issues since I was a little boy… I was the chubby gay […]

“It’s A No-Brainer; Everyone Should Experience This Place”

“The Human Form Fitness Team has been instrumental in vastly improving the quality of my life. I’ve dropped pounds of body fat, added lean muscle and strength, improved all of my blood panel numbers, and have more energy and overall vitality than I’ve experienced in 20 years. This is NOT your typical gym. Their expertise […]

“I Love that I’ve Made Friends Here and Look Forward to Workouts.”

“Once upon a time, long, long ago… Well okay, it was 2011. I had just had hip replacement surgery and had as much physical therapy as my insurance company would allow. But I felt I still needed additional help to get back to 100%. My physical therapist advised me to avoid personal trainers and instead […]

“A Supportive Environment”

I’m the oldest of five from an immigrant family. I was never a person who was “athletic” in high school or college just because education was such a focus for my family. I ran cross country during junior year in HS and that was about it. My outlook on life changed when I was diagnosed […]

“A Pleasant, Friendly, and Low-Key Environment”

I moved to Columbus 2 years ago, finally finished with residency and transitioning into my final career, and I knew that one of my major goals needed to be to prioritize my health. I hadn’t been active for about 6 years at that time, and my mom had just been told that her osteoporosis was […]

HF is Something Special – Not Just a Gym

“I have been a member of Human Form for one year. I joined the gym after working one-on-one with James for several months. It had been hard enough to take the step to work privately, it was truly scary to think about putting myself out there and be surrounded by more new people. I thought […]

Not Some One-Size-Fits-All Instruction

“I joined The Human Form in July of 2019 while I was seeing a chiropractor, Dr. Troy Walker and Chad Simmons for Muscle Activation Technique, both of which are medical advisors for The Human Form. Dr. Walker thought that The Human Form would be good for me, and Chad agreed. In 2013 I was involved in […]

“I’m NOT a Gym Person…”

That was always my excuse. For years I did solo exercises like running or cycling. I had the dedication to train for a marathon or a century but even though it would have made me better in the saddle or on the run, I avoided the gym. “Just not my thing,” I would tell myself. […]

The Difference That Makes a Difference

I joined Human Form Fitness 18 months ago. All my life before this, I dreaded physical exercise. I found every excuse to cut gym class. I was always the one picked last when teams were formed. I was a bookworm. At family volleyball games, Uncle Jack would yell, “Pamela Jean, how could you miss that big ball again!” Later, I became […]

“I Knew This Place Was Different”

I was referred to The Human Form by my golf instructor after working out at a big box gym for 5+ years. He obviously knew I was not achieving my goals in spite of working out hard 3 times a week. From the time I walked in, I knew this place was different. For starters, one […]

“Attention To Detail And Knowledge Of The Body”

“After injuring my elbow I was finding it very hard to get a decent upper body workout without severe pain. The Human Form took the time to learn about my injury through their extensive assessments, recommend some further treatment from one of their Medical Advisory Board members before I started working out, and then mindfully crafted an appropriate exercise […]

“Committed And Invested In Your Success”

“The Human Form is different than any other gym or workout routine that I’ve ever experienced. I tell everyone that it’s not really a gym in the traditional sense. HF is more a philosophy and culture that truly cares about your overall, holistic health and well-being. Their team is committed and invested in your success. They were […]

“Even At Age 77, HF Has Been Extremely Rewarding…”

“Two years ago, my son and daughter-in-law (John and Kim Kadlic) gave my wife and me a gift certificate for a Trial Membership at The Human Form. My wife, Marianne, was “all in” right from the start. I, on the other hand, was somewhat skeptical because of my age which was 75 years at the […]

“I Love The Personal Attention”

While there are so many things to love about Human Form Fitness, I think what I love most is the personal attention. James, Michelle and Stephen are very attentive and have created a program specific to my needs and wants. If there is something specific I want to achieve, they help me get there. They […]

HF gave me a whole new perspective on ‘gym’ workouts

“When I started Human Form, I had some running injuries that were making it very difficult to run any distance. I’ve been with Human Form for about a year and a half now and as I write this, I’m a week out from running another marathon (my second since joining)! Like any aging long-distance runner, […]

“Working Out With A Group of Friends

“I was fortunate to retire in my late 50’s. However, initially my retirement didn’t go as planned. Years of inactivity, poor diet and drinking had all taken a toll. I was more than 60 pounds overweight and taking medication for blood pressure, cholesterol, acid reflux and Crohn’s disease. I was sick for the first two […]

“The Best I’ve Ever Experienced”

“I’m 57 year old ARMY Veteran who has exercised most of my adult life. My one flaw with workouts is that I burned myself out and would just quit for periods of time ranging from one week to over a year. HF has changed all that. Their unique approach to fitness, well-being and well living is […]

“My Workout Experience Was Transformed”

When I joined Human Form Fitness, my workout experience was transformed. In the past, I had gym memberships but went infrequently, and never knew how to make the most of my time there. Going to the gym was more of a chore than anything and as such, it was not a priority for me. I […]

“The Acceptance is Heart-Warming, and the Enthusiasm is Contagious”

“Thank you to the HF staff for this chance to share my gratitude. First, an HF High Five to Michelle and Jeff for their encouragement and unfailing support in getting me to buy my first gym membership as I turned 59 six months ago. The instruction and diligent supervision has kept me making progress without […]

“Immediate Sense Of Kindness & Safety

“I’ll be honest; I didn’t have a clue what I was doing when I walked into The Human Form on my first day. My previous experience with working out involved two primary steps: (1) pay the monthly fee for a big box gym and (2) never going. I wasn’t sure how to use the equipment, […]

“It’s More Than A Gym, It’s An HF Family!

“Human Form is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I had never really exercised well or consistently. I’d gone through short periods of time in my life when I tried running, cycling, or swimming tried yoga and other classes, but never stuck with anything. About a year ago, I read […]

“Feeling More Confident in the World is Priceless!

My name is Lisa Feck. I live in Upper Arlington with my husband, Chris, and Australian Shepherd, Taz. I am the proud mother of two adult “kids” whom I adore. My background is in human nutrition with a focus on international nutrition & public health. I love to cook, bake, travel, hike, read and enjoy […]

“There’s Definitely Something Special Here”

“I’m allergic to exercise…. Seriously! I developed a health condition a few years ago which leads to hives and crushing fatigue when I get too hot or push the cardio too hard. But given complex health issues, I knew I needed to reintroduce exercise into my life, build strength, improve my posture and lose weight to […]

“I Love The Time I Spend At HF”

In January 2017 I was significantly overweight, on medication for high cholesterol, and had an A1C that was creeping toward “pre-diabetic” range. Frankly, it was the result of a journey that started with me wearing “Husky” sized jeans as a kid and continued, with a few brief detours of fitness, into the land of 2X […]

“Truly A Community Of Friends Supporting Each Other”

I have been a member of The Human Form for almost 1.5 yrs. In the past, I had participated in boxing, boot camp style classes and weightlifting. I considered the form I had been taught pretty good. Then I fell down the stairs in my house and fractured my right scapula. I did not exercise […]

“We Support And Encourage Each Other”

The journey that led me to the Human Form began in 2016. On March 17, 2016, I was diagnosed with stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma as a result of breaking my arm. Over the next several months I went through Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments. The treatments took a toll on my body. Nearing the end of […]

The Joy of Functional Fitness

If you are reading this message, you are either one of my fellow “Human Formers” or someone who is considering joining our fitness community. My story is not about a dramatic overnight transformation – my journey with Human Form has lasted an amazing 17+ years. What does Human Form mean to me? At age 55, […]

“It Has Changed My Life”

“Exercise? Me? Never!! Oh a few trips to the YWCA riding a cycle for 30 minutes, bored out of my mind. Then my friend Mandy Miller told me about Human Form and how it had changed her life – she lost weight, gained strength and found a new lifestyle. Huh? Me? My birth certificate says […]

“HF Is Nothing Short Of Magical”

For many, many years I fought with all my might to NOT join a “Gym”. I was a runner and that is all I thought I needed to take care of my body. Also, there was NO way that I was going to go to a “Big Box” Gym and try to figure out what […]

“The Results have been incredible”

I joined the Human Form eight months ago, in March of 2021. The results I’ve had in that short amount of time have been incredible. I feel amazing, my clothes fit better, I’ve built muscle mass, and I can’t believe how strong my body has become. I’m a Columbus native and I live in Grandview with […]

“Feared My Career Might Be Ruined”

When I first consulted with with The Human Form, my neck pain and low back pain were chronic, getting worse, and limiting my ability to work and play. Additionally, my concern was these issues would shorten or even ruin my career as a surgeon. After working with their corrective exercise program, at this point, for […]

“From The Moment I Arrived At HF, I Had Hope”

This past year has been a journey of transformation and The Human Form has been with me all along the way. From the moment I arrived at HF, I had hope. Hope that I could feel healthy and happy again. My workouts became the foundation that kept me going when I ended a 13-year marriage. […]

“Makes Coming To The Gym More Enjoyable”

“I’ve been at The Human Form for just over three months and the difference it has made in my life has been incredible! I feel better, have more energy, fit into clothes that I haven’t in years and I’ve gained so much confidence and a better respect for my body. Additionally, I’ve lost 15 pounds […]

“Not Only Do I Look And Feel Better… I Think Differently”

“To say that Human Form Fitness has changed me is an understatement. Not only do I look and feel better… I also THINK differently. My body composition, shape, and fitness level have improved and my pain has decreased, but I also have a new attitude about exercise, nutrition, and myself. I really, truly love working out and […]

“They Aren’t Just a Gym – They Are Life-Changers”

The first time I attempted to come into HF for a follow-up visit with Michelle in September 2017, I called Stephen and told him I couldn’t make it in and would need to reschedule. I didn’t give any details, but what I really wanted to say was that my life was falling apart, and I had […]

“HF is For People Who Never Enjoyed Working Out.”

How long have you been a HF member? I joined in November 2016. Seriously one of the best decisions I have made for my well-being. Help us get to know you – tell us a little about yourself! I have lived in Columbus for 30 years. I grew up, in Cleveland, from a family where intellect […]

“Unfailingly caring, nurturing, and supportive…”

“I stumbled across The Human Form on social media in fall 2018 and felt an immediate sense of familiarity, safety, and care. I chalk it up to serendipity. I believe the universe gives us what we need when we need it. And, wow, have I needed The Human Form. Except when I am sleeping (and […]

Maria Vianello

“It came down to one decision. Do I open the door with the Human Form logo prominently displayed at eye level or do I walk back to my car and drive home? Spoiler alert: I opened the door. I’ve been doing yoga since my early twenties and my bike was my mode of transportation and […]

“The Real Magic is the Support”

“I joined the Human Form seven years ago, at a point when I had been focusing on my mind and spirit and was ready to incorporate more of my body. I knew I wanted to work with trainers who had a holistic approach to fitness and was ready to invest in a small group personal […]