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“A Pleasant, Friendly, and Low-Key Environment”

I moved to Columbus 2 years ago, finally finished with residency and transitioning into my final career, and I knew that one of my major goals needed to be to prioritize my health. I hadn’t been active for about 6 years at that time, and my mom had just been told that her osteoporosis was so severe that she could fracture her back just driving on a rough road. I also knew that there was no way I was going to be motivated be active on my own, and I hadn’t ever had training on correct form, either. This led me to the internet looking for gyms with some form of training, and I came across the Human Form website. It seemed pretty obvious that this was going to be exactly what I needed. Small group training would still provide pretty individualized attention for less of a financial investment than one-on-one training, it would hold me accountable to show up, and I really liked the idea of being in a group and meeting more people as well.

I’ve now been working out at the Human Form for just over 2 years. I come to the gym as often as I can based on my work schedule – and surprisingly (for me) I almost always like being here! The trainers are ALWAYS friendly and know everyone by name immediately – they must have flash cards in the office. During workouts, you can push yourself as much as you want with the work-outs, but if you’re feeling like slacking the trainers will probably notice and suggest a higher weight (trust me)! In addition to pushing you on weight, they are also always watching form and helping you improve your form. They know everyone so personally that they know when you need a different exercise than the rest of the group because you told someone else at your last visit that your knee or shoulder was hurting, etc. Honestly, the trainers feel like friends and it’s sad when one leaves and exciting when new trainers join the team. The other members are all really good, nice people, too. The gym is just such a pleasant, friendly, and low-key environment. If my life takes me away from Columbus, the Human Form is seriously at the top of the list of things I will be sad to leave!