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Top Ten Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Michelle

  • Michelle spent time as a Parisian Nanny. Just to be clear, it was in Paris, France, not Paris, Texas.
  • Michelle ran track in both high school and college, and was undefeated for two years in the 400 meters in her HS district. She only ran the quarter mile because it was a heinous distance and everyone else on the team refused to run it. After 8 years she’d had enough, and hasn’t run since.
  • Michelle played Rugby for 3 years in college. As a result 40% of her teeth are dentures.
  • Michelle once road-tripped across the country for an entire month – hitting all the major hiking and rock climbing sites, tent/car camping the entire way, and surviving only two hotels, four restaurants and eight showers.
  • Stephen considers himself lucky that Michelle is so “low-maintenance”. For example, they were both lying on the beach 30 minutes prior to their wedding ceremony when she realized she should probably “get ready” by throwing on a dress and some flip flops.
  • Michelle is a certified DISC Personality Analyst. She works with individuals and corporations to assist them in understanding their personal behavior and communication styles to increase teamwork, efficiency and morale.
  • Michelle has a diverse employment history, including filling vending machines at the State House and Court House with a blind woman who was miraculously in charge of the entire operation.
  • Michelle worked for a food stylist, testing recipes and arranging food and props for magazine/cookbook photo shoots. They once baked 38 pies in one night in order to host a pie tasting party for the creation of “The Farmhands Favorite Pies” recipe book.
  • Michelle also worked in the animation industry, getting her name in the credits for The Little Mermaid 2 as a production assistant. She digitally “colored” individual storyboard drawings, matched up voice recordings with the animation, and had the top secret responsibility of shredding all original Disney artwork so it couldn’t be stolen.
  • Michelle won a “Cutest Baby Contest” at a New York County Fair, at the age of 10 months. However, there were accusations of voter fraud.