On Being A Posture Snob Part 1

It happens all the time. Within weeks of going through our HFF Clinical Assessment, our members:

1) Notice that poor posture is truly epidemic in our culture.

2) Start a personal mission to notify everyone about how they’re hurting themselves and how they need to change.

They become Posture Snobs.

Of course, they’re just trying to help the people in their lives feel better. But this can be taken the wrong way sometimes, and they encounter push-back and resistance.

In this series of posts, I’ll cover the basics of how poor posture is affecting our family and friends. Hopefully, it will be something that you can pass onto those that you care about. Oftentimes, it’s tough when you are trying to help someone close to you, due to “proximity bias”. When it comes from a third party, your peeps may be more open to it.

In part one, we’ll cover the issue of head carriage, or Forward Head Posture.


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