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Nathan’s Journey: My First Small Group Workout

WHAT MAKES HUMAN FORM DIFFERENT No machines that accept your entry card as a form of payment for protein shakes. In fact, there’s no entry card at all; when you walk in, someone already knows your name and if it’s your first time coming, someone is bound to ask you

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Nathan’s Journey: Getting Started

For anyone reading that has never heard about The Human Form physical fitness methodology, let me give a brief overview. When you get started, you meet with a coach who will do an introductory consultation and an orthopedic-based assessment. This isn’t like the mediocre tour and sales pitch that you

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Nathan’s Journey: A Little Bit About Me

My name is Nathan Okuley and I am 29 years old, living here in Columbus, Ohio. I am a Digital Marketer by profession with a passion for specialty coffee, baseball, and folk music. I grew up in rural Ohio and ended up in Columbus just four years ago after spending

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Meal Preparation Tips For a Busy Life

Spring fever seems to be in full swing here in Columbus, with warm days teasing us a few times a week.  Does it make you want to come out of hibernation and start working on your health and fitness again?   Maybe you’re honoring your body through movement daily somehow, whether

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Is Your Junior Athlete Ready?

We’re excited to have this guest blog post by our resident youth strength and conditioning coach Jeff Turner. Coach Jeff is the real deal, with over three decades in the trenches training elite level athletes in both soccer and lacrosse, as well as over a dozen other sports. His specialty,

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